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Your Name: Thejoikabolla
Town Name: jojoisbest
Coordinates: -2374,64, -1316,04
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21.09.2018 1:00 am
Description of Issue: i added this guy called Inextricable and his friend who i dont know the name of and after like a hour or two i told them to get their stuff and leave because i like playing solo and then he got his stuff and i kicked him and after that he told me that i stole from him. and everything we built in my town at the time was from my recoureses so i didnt actually steal from him and after that i couldnt kick inextricable because obv i couldnt write his name because he wasnt online and then after like a day or two i got raided. *ps* i have another screnshot but i cant upload it and everything was in my me so everything i had is gone
Screenshots (Optional):

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