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First animation :P

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Little too late to be writing a topic on the forums, but I'm just bored and felt like doing this, and share everyone what I consider art. I would love if you gave your opinion about it so I can improve and share you guys and girls my creations. 


I'll get right into it. I spend the whole day watching a YouTube channel, which you surely know, but you can search it out on YouTube as "TheOdd1sOut" he makes story-time based videos, adding some comedy and really funny animations. I thought the idea was really cool, so I hopped on Google Search and looked for begginer animation programs, watched a really helpful video and got right into it. The program is called Pencil2D if you want to check it out, it's completely FREE! 


Got my "good" drawing skills into work and made an eye close and open repetedly. This wasn't enough, I "completed" the face and finally my masterpiece was finished, and ready to be shared.

Here it is:




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