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[Command Request] Shparki

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Account Name: Shparki
Rank: Premium+ (please see reason before deciding based on rank- Thanks!)
Requested Commands: 

 - worldedit.*


 (or more specifically:

    - worldedit.biome.*

    - worldedit.clipboard.*

    - worldedit.schematic.*

    - worldedit.help

    - worldedit.fast

    - worldedit.global-mask

    - worledit.generation.*

    - worldedit.history.*

    - worldedit.navigation.*

    - worldedit.region.*

    - worldedit.selection.*

    - worldedit.wand and worldedit.wand.*

    - worledit.tool.*

    - worldedit.brush.*

    - worldedit.fixlava

    - worldedit.fixwater

    - worledit.fill

    - worldedit.drain )


Reason for Request: 

Although I love playing through Modded Minecraft in survival, building is and always has been my creative outlet. Since I have joined the server, I have taken this to the extreme building homes and bases for other players and even working through one of my largest builds to date for a Helper on the server. To aide in this, I would love access to worldedit commands, or more specifically, those pertinent to allow my building skills to be used to their fullest potential. I have used WorldEdit (and WorldGuard) in addition to other similar tools (like VoxelSniper) for years (since Craftbukkit!) and I have a great understanding of their limitations when it comes to server lag and capabilities in addition to good knowledge of their commands and intended usage. I have included some images of my builds (all done by hand up to this point) on the server in this request to give some good background to my skills. I hope to continue building for players and for this community and would love to take my skills to the next level on a public server! 


Just as a comment, I understand that I am not Sponsor, albeit Premium+. I humbly ask for an exception for the Sponsor+ rule because I have donated but do not yet have the spending cash to upgrade to Sponsor+. I do intend to donate again in the future but I am not in a position to pay for Sponsor+ all at once at the moment. In the meantime, I would love to continue making some large builds with the aide of worldedit commands and would be incredibly open to working through a deal with admins for server-related builds to make-up for the difference in rank.  


Again, thank you for the consideration, hope to hear back soon!

- Shparki


Example Builds:

[Imgur link]

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