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FTB Infinity Server moved to a new Dedicated Host!

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Hi guys, as planned 2 days ago we moved the server to a new dedicated host. 


We had worse and worse server performance with lag and crashes and on a closes dedicated server check we noticed that the CPU was thermal throttling and that was cause server lag as CPU speed was reduced to prevent further overheating. With this move we should see that the server is less laggy and maybe no more crashes. We will see how it goes.


This was on centos logs:

kernel: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled.

high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C  


The CPU temperature was at 100C when it was throttling. We canceled the renting contract for this dedicated server and moved infinity to a better and newer dedicated server. That was one of the oldest dedicated server we had so it was time for an upgrade.



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gimme dem specs bruny :D

i am looking forward to see the future server market using epyc cpus tho. cuz u can't say no to 64 physical cores with 128 threads :D also amd starts to destroy intel on the desktop market aswell since the zen 2 achitecture is way better with 7 nm instead of 10 iirc? 

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