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[presentation] SassyBirch

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Name: Rachelle


IGN: SassyBirch


Age: 19


Crafter's Land Servers you play: i play on revelation, but i might check out other servers soon


Location: somewhere in the tiny country called the netherlands


A short description of yourself: i'm a small girl from a tiny town. got brownish hair and a tattoo on my right arm with the date of my grandma's death. as you might have seen, i love the color purple. my room is also mainly purple :3. i have 1 younger brother, he's 11 now and an older sister, she's 24.


Hobbies and interests: i love spending time with my kitty, Puff. i also love listening to music while drawing something random.


Discord / Skype Name: SassyBirch#3075 (feel free to send me a friend request :D)


well, this was my short presentation, if you want to know some more things you can always ask here :D

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