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FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server Update to Modpack version 2.4.0!

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Time for a modpack update to latest recommended version 2.4.0! The modpack update title was "This is a routinely scheduled update to address mod updates and make a few minor alterations here and there". There was 1 compatibility mod added and 77 updated.


The update is also available on our community launcher here:




  • Added 1 new mod.
  • Updated 77 mods and configs.
  • Updated forge.
  • Updated dynmap mod to latest.


With this update we also noticed some issues, some we had on Revelation so there must be a mod that was updated that cases them, we will try to find it so we can roll out some patches.


Official Change Log:


FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12-1.12.2-2.4.0

November 2018

Welcome to the November 2018 update for FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12 modpack. This is a routinely scheduled update to address mod updates and make a few minor alterations here and there. Enjoy!

Mod(s) Added

  • Integration Foregoing by Jacky1356400 - (1.7.4)
    • The official addon for Industrial Foregoing that adds mods compatibility!

Mod(s) Updated

Configuration Changes

  • Re-generated MouseTweaks.cfg now that the pointless timestamp is omitted from the file
  • Re-generated Exchangers.cfg by request of the author
  • Default Options
    • Re-configured default options and keybindings to accommodate for changes to keybindings and options since last update
  • Ender IO
    • Removed all wooden gear recipes in config/enderio/recipes/user/materials.xml

Recipe Changes

  • 00_default.zs
    • Replaced recipes.remove method in favour of JEI.removeAndHide for several recipes
  • 01_unification.zs
    • Adjusted wooden gear recipe conflict issue implemented in the last release to accomodate for the newly added gears in Thermal Foundation
  • 02_jei.zs
    • Hid some unnecessary "stuff" in JEI


Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server


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