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[Refund Request] JessRed

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Your Name: JessRed
Item Name + ID + Amount: It can't be spawned in, its only  craftable in the dimlet work bench
Coordinates: 11512x 24835z
Description of Issue: I had just gotten 64 dimlet parcels from a legendary loot crate. After fiddling with PSI a bit I decided to finish my dimension made entirely ofdiamond. I make it then I walk over to the void Shift + Q another feature dimlet and all the other spare dimlet parts EVERYTHING goes, (not tools) including the brand new diamond dimlet I made. I didn't notice until iwent to put it into the dimension tab it wasn't there

Screenshots (Optional): how do I screen shot that?

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missing criteria

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we can't refund you an item we can't make, just make a rollback request to when you had all those items. And we really can't refund you items you threw away yourself.


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