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missing landing spot ender dragon

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I can't get the ender dragon to respawn.
the center, the ender nest, the landing spot for the ender dragon, the place where the portal back to  the overworld will spawn after killing the ender dragon.
is gone or did never spawn in.

I'm had this issue also yesterday and i thought someone would've reported, or fixed it, but today there is the same issue.

Is there another method to spawn the ender dragon on this server? or whats wrong?

Kind regards,

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if you just place the end crystals in the right spots the entire portal will reappear, cords are 0, 46, 0 (could be a block below or above so you might have to try multiple times), but the crystals should be placed four blocks away from +0, +0 (B/c Minecraft has -0) including the block at 0,0. Or building a frame out of cobblestone will help you locate where to place the end crystals

Reference image:


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