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[Refund Request]*Amorinda*

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[Refund Request]*Amorinda*

Your Name: Amorinda
Item Name + ID + Amount: see description
Coordinates: 16616,24836,,73
Description of Issue: I lost a 64k storage disk with a little over 6000 items , when taking it from disk manipulator to disk drive. xRegencyx helped me look, but nowhere, not in the grid, not in my insert ender chest, not in absorption hoppers nearby. I happened before with a 4K disk, I think its a real bug, but then I was just in the start of making Refined Storage and it wasn't to much, only about 250 items, because i keep most stuff in drawers, and i didn't report it. 

Most stuff what I lost just about half an hour ago, is what I didn't store in my drawers and some chests, and mainly crafted and small amount stuff. I cant really tell what it is, but things I will miss is or what have cost me a lot is:

- ender energy manipulator #5605

- About 6 or 7 stacks of Creative rf source #5561 (beat chaos guardian 3 times)

- some, i think about 10, wyvern energy cores #5570

- 2 or 3 draconic energy cores #5571

- about 10 chorus flowers #0200

- few, about 4 elytra's #0443

- 7 solar panels VII #8992

- drawer controller #5609

- stack of framed drawers 2x2  #5613/2

- stack of reactor casings #5936/0

- 2 stacks of reactor glass #5937/0

- about 32 emerald drawer upgrades #5617/4

- about a stack of void drawer upgrades #5620

- mob chunks, total of maybe 1,5 to 2 stacks of all kinds, most converted to tiered in furnace #7374, #7375. #7376, #7377, #7378

- about 10 soulvials #5757

- rest is prolly things like machine bases and dyes, tools for different mods, like hammer and glass cutter, basic crafting stuff, stuff from vote keys, chests in end and lootbags, chiseled blocks, etc.


Lots is easy craftable, but I'm mostly sad about the fact that it happened.

Btw, I had 2x64 k storage disks, the other was still empty, see screenshot
Screenshots (Optional): 


Edited by Amorinda
forgot my expensive solar panels

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Ahh i see my error, i thought it was a strange name, but it looks the same as Draconic infused obsidian, so I appologize, but it is that instead. and maybe your right. I need to remember the time then. Thnx xRegency! 


Ill make an island rollback issue instead! So this request  will be closed


(btw it happened again, but this time with a vote key reward from the crates, i got the 16 k thingies, so i made a 64 k and wanted to put it in the drive. It dissappeared. But 2 mins later it was back in my inventory. Strange that that didn't happen with the other one.)



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