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[Island Rollback Request]*Amorinda*

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Your Name: Amorinda
Island Owner Name: Amorinda
Coordinates: 16616,24836,73
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 23.00 CET february 4th 2019
Description of Issue: I lost a 64k storage disk with a little over 6000 items , when taking it from disk manipulator to disk drive. xRegencyx helped me look, but nowhere, not in the RS grid, not in my insert ender chest, not in absorption hoppers nearby. I happened before with a 4K disk, I think its a real bug, but then I was just in the start of making Refined Storage and it wasn't to much, only about 250 items, because i keep most stuff in drawers, and i didn't report it. 


Remark: Just now it happened again, but this time with a legendary vote key reward from the crates, i got the 16 k thingies, so i made a 64 k disk and wanted to put it in the drive. It dissappeared. But 2 mins later it was back in my inventory. Strange that that didn't happen with the other one.


I have a refund request already, made but xRegency adviced me to make a rollback request.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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