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Ik this wont be popular and very hypocritical due to my past with world edit but I still wanna see how it goes.

I think that WE makes the game super unfair. I personally was killed by someone using WE awhile back which made me start to dislike it(I wont list names bc this isn't a complaint. People use WE to take up massive amounts of the map, I have great respect for the people who hand build everything, I think that's super awesome, putting in the time. Allot of people use WE outside of their claims which is super wrong. I think WE should be restricted even further if not taken away from command requests. But I must recognize my flaws and point of view

Yes I was banned for coping spawn with WE

Yes I have several times applied to get that command back.

I hope by showing A bit of ethos and stating my bias and mistakes people can look at this from a different light.

if I had any obvious errors im sorry I am pretty busy.

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Just because some people may use WorldEdit incorrectly does not mean it should be taken away for everyone.  The situation you have described sounds pretty unfortunate and I belive that it is not something that happens on a regular basis. WorldEdit is just a tool.


You are saying that you have great respect for people who hand build everything, I assume that those people that you are talking about never use the builder's wand then? (which is just another tool)


In terms of using WE outside claim boundaries: people are not allowed to use WE outside claims to produce new blocks. I, personally, have used it outside of my claim many times to assist other players, whether it be by removing bedrock/obsidian to which blocks have been turned to due to lag, or by removing a body of water/oil quickly, WE is something that I find extremely helpful. I'd like to think that not everyone who has access to this tool goes around claiming massive amounts of space on the map.


Granted, it is much easier to misuse WE than other tools, therefore it might make sense to spend a bit more time evaluating whether a person should receive access to this tool and checking if they are familiar with it and the concequences it might have if not used properly.


Just my two cents.

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If players rule break with worldedit they will be punished, simply, I don't see how regular use of worldedit is in anyway bad. And it's a perk that we have offered the chance for sponsors and sponsor+'s to get for a very long time, some might even have bought the rank for that purpose alone. I think it would be very unfair to those players to take away their permissions without any real reason.


It's as if we were to remove creative from all of our donator ranks as well, it would be an outrage.


Sorry, but I disagree on with this suggestion

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