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Drop Zone Beta

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You guys might be surprised to see this topic, given the previous topic we just had discussing the somewhat failure of Drop Zone and how the project was "scrapped"- If you don't know what I'm talking about you can have a read here:


Well, due to high demand we decided to dedicate a couple of days of trying to port the old gamemode that we played for testing to the 1.13.2 network. This required major changes in the actual plugin that runs the game mode since before it was only built to be set up once and work until the server restarts. That is obviously not going to cut it when we're meant to have a 24/7 server running.



A bit of information what Drop Zone actually is ....
Drop Zone is a custom game mode using a gun plugin, and by the help with a quite advanced resourcepack creates a Free for all gamemode inside a desert arena. So far the only objective is to kill your anything that moves and achieve a higher kdr than your opponents - and of course to have fun!
Future features for the game mode are planned.



I'm interested in joining- How would I join?

1. Get a 1.13.2 Minecraft client.

2. Download our resource pack (Not a requirement, but it makes the game much easier. For this you have two options- 

These links are direct downloads.

This is the full resourcepack, it has quite a few "high resolution"(for minecraft) models, so if you have worse PC we would advice you for our second resourepack:
This is the lite resourcepack, it has weapon models but only enough for you to understand what weapon you are carrying, this may result in better performance.

3. Put this in your Minecraft folder under "Resourcepacks"

4. Start minecraft up and connect to "mc.craftersland.net"

5. Once  there open up the server menu with the compass- Choose "Minigames->Test game server "- And you're in!


Frequently asked questions:



- How do I open the chests?

Well, in this version of Drop zone,... you can't. They are just for looks
right now, but in future versions they might have a purpose. Right 
now you get a random weapon each time you spawn, and there's 
no way of getting any other weapon on that "life". YET.


- How many weapon are there?

Currently there are six weapons, we have a minigun, a Scar assault
rifle, a bolt action sniper, a silenced SMG, a pistol and a pump 
shotgun. There are plans to add more weapons in the future

- OMG X WEAPON IS SO OP- Wait, was this suppose to be a question?
Yes, some weapons might be "overpowered" of "underpowered",
as I try to tweak the stats of each weapon on a daily basis to keep
the game mode as balanced as possible- an impossible task.


- What commands can I use?
To begin with your main command will be /dz join and this

starts the game and puts you at a random spot in the arena
with a random weapon. If you want to leave you do /dz leave

If you want to check your stats, kills, deaths and KDR then 
do /dz scoreboard.


- How do the weapons work?
Each weapon has a different stat for "sway", which means

that the bullets coming out of it is somewhat "random".

The sway stat is further worsens by sprinting and 

walking. It is improved by sneaking, which would also

put the weapon in iron sight mode, and that makes each 

shot more accurate. To reload you press left click and to

fire you press or hold right click.


- How can I tell if I installed the resourcepack correctly?
Once you get on the server you will spawn in front of a 

screen with information about the game mode- if you are

seeing this then you installed it correct. If you instead see two

instructional signs, then that means your resourcepack is either

not active or not installed right. You can reload your resourcepacks

by pressing F3+T.


- This is a bit inconvenient to download the resourcepack manually... what are you going to do about it?
At a future time we will make the resourcepack a server pack,
and if you wanted a finished version with a few mods such as
optifine, then there will also be an option in the near future
to download it thru out custom minecraft launcher!

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I am incredibly happy to see this post. Cant wait to see the community reaction and their ideas!


We put a lot of effort here, and Henk did an amazing leader job (an also his textures)

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