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[Skyfactory 2.5] Restricted Items List

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The list of restricted items on our SkyFactory2 Server. Last updated 30.08.2018



Disabled Mods:

  • Inventory Tweaks - Duplication bugs.
  • Dual Hot Bar - Can cause issues when used with plugins.


Restricted Items:

  • SDX > Thinker's Construct - Protection bypass.
  • Travelers Belt > Thinker's Construct - Dupe bugs.
  • Hungry Chest¬†> Thaumcraft - Dupe bugs.
  • Focus Equal Trade¬†> Thaumcraft - Protection bypass.
  • Wand Focus: Nine Hells¬†> Thaumcraft - Protection bypass.
  • Turtles > ComputerCraft -¬†Only allowed in Deep Dark.
  • Needlegun > MineFactory Reloaded -¬†Protection bypass.
  • Plastic Bag¬†>¬†MineFactory Reloaded¬†-¬†Duplication bugs.
  • Fishing Rod >¬†MineFactory Reloaded¬†-¬†Protection bypass.
  • Syringe >¬†MineFactory Reloaded¬†-¬†Protection bypass.
  • Florbs >¬†Thermal Expansion -¬†Protection bypass.
  • ItemAlocator > Themal Expansion - Dupe bug.
  • Sun Dial > Draconic Evolution - Prevent server time change.
  • Mystic Branch > Witchery¬†-¬†Protection bypass.
  • Network Tool > Applied Energistics¬†-¬†Protection bypass.
  • Chunk Loader > Chicken Chunks - less server lag (They can be placed but will disappear on server restart.)
  • Horn of the Wild and Canopy > Botania -¬†Protection bypass.
  • Dolly and Diamond Dolly > JABBA - Protection bypass.
  • Brew of Erosion > Witchery -¬†Protection bypass.
  • Filing Cabinet > ExtraUtilities - Dupe bugs.
  • Black Hole Talisman > Botania - Dupe bugs.
  • Key of Kings Law > Botania- Protection Bypass.
  • Rod of the bifrost¬†> Botania - Dupe bugs.
  • Mana Blaster¬†> Botania - Protection Bypass.
  • Weather Controler > Draconic Evolution - Changes the weather on the entire server.
  • Charged Porter > rftools - Dupe bugs.
  • Advanced Charged Porter > rftools - Dupe bugs.
  • Machinist Workbench > ThermalExpansion - Dupe bugs.
  • Cursor > OpenBlocks¬†- Dupe bugs.
  • Fancy Workbench¬†> Bibliocraft¬†- Dupe bugs.
  • Market > HarvestCraft - Dupe bugs.
  • Some creative only items are also restricted (Creative Buffer, Upgrades, Strongbox, Cache, Workbench, Flux Capacitor, Satchel, Supplier, Storage Cell)

With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries.



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