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[Rules] Modded Servers, Updated on 03.04.2019

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[1] No Hacked Clients:

  • 1st offense = 7 days ban.
  • 2nd offense = 14 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 28¬†days ban.
  • 4th offense = 60 days ban.

This includes flight mods, x-ray mods, speed modifications of any type, nofall, chest finders, vanish, fullbright and etc et all that offer gameplay advantages over the normal mod pack.


[2] No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs:

  • 1st offense = 2 day ban.
  • 2nd offense = 7 day ban.
  • 3rd offense = 14 day ban.
  • 4th offense = 28 day ban.

Includes but is not limited to bypassing any punishment, duping, or glitching.
WARNING: If you are caught duping your base will be regenerated.


[3] No Advertising:

  • 1st offense = Kick with warning.
  • 2nd offense = 24¬†hour mute.
  • 3rd offense = 7 days¬†mute.


[4] No sale/gifting of creatively influenced items to members outside of your town:

  • 1st offense = Kick + Warn.
  • 2nd offense = 7 days ecoban + Warn.
  • 3rd offense = Perm ecoban + Warn.
  • 4th offense = 2 days ban.
  • 5th offense = 7¬†days ban.

An economy ban will result in you being blocked from using Auction and Market. You are not allowed to trade at all even outside of these means, and if you do you will be punished according to Rule 2. Creative Players who leave a town must take with them or destroy all creatively spawned items.  Non-Creative Players who leave any town are to leave empty-handed. If you are caught abusing your creative permissions to excess, you will skip ahead to the fourth offense. Definition of "abuse" will be determined on a case by case basis by server staff and managers.

[5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items:

  • 1st offense = Kick with Warning.
  • 2nd offense = Jailed 60 minutes.
  • 3rd offense = 1 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 2 days ban.

No PvP Scamming / use of creative healing or OP creative enchants.  Arguments over breaking PvP conditions may result in one or all parties being punished.


[6] No Using ComputerCraft for the following below:

  1. Tracking staff members (vanish enabled or not).
  2. Tracking staff members (via Sensors/other stuff).
  3. Theft of Inventories/scamming of others via PIM/etc.
  4. Theft of intellectual properties, (stealing code/items).
  5. Destructive purposes, (Exploiting, engineer viruses, etc.)
  6. Profile or database players of any rank for any reason.


  • 1st Offense = Kick with Warning.
  • 2nd Offense = 2 days ban.
  • 3rd Offense = 4 days ban.


(Staff are allowed to copy/seize code for investigations).

(You are not allowed to create any demeaning structures with turtles)


[7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs:

  • 1st offense = Warning.
  • 2nd offense = 15 minutes mute
  • 3rd offense = 30 minutes mute
  • 4th offense = 1 hour mute.

Includes speaking foreign languages, spamming the same content in the global/trade channel, inappropriate structures and unreadable nicknames.


[8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory:

  • 1st offense = 7 days ban.
  • 2nd offense = 14 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 28 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 60 days ban.

Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban.


[9] No Insulting Staff.

  • 1st offense = Kick and warn.
  • 2nd offense = 1 hour mute and warn.
  • 3rd offense = 1 day mute.
  • 4th offense = 3¬†days mute.

Includes private messaging using Computers, chat, books, signs.


[10] No selling server items for in real life money.

  • 1st offense = 30 days ban.


[11] No Abuse of Magic:
  • 1st offense = Warning.
  • 2nd offense = 30 minutes Jail.
  • 3rd offense = 2 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 4 days ban.
Includes throwing block changing potions on claimed territory. Includes spells that can be cast from any of the magic mods. Includes items that can cause unfair havoc or destruction. Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent.

[12] No Threats of or Intentional Harm to Server Integrity:

  • 1st offense = Warning.
  • 2nd offense = 1 day ban.
  • 3rd offense = 3 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 7 days ban.

Includes threatening to DDOS, Grief, etc. Don't make lag on purpose.


[13] No Racist Slurs/Text/content:

  • 1st offense = 1 hour mute.
  • 2nd offense = 24 hour Jail & Mute.
  • 3rd offense = 2¬†days ban.
  • 4th offense = 4 days ban.


[14] No Scamming:

  • 1st offense = Jail 30 minutes.
  • 2nd offense = 2 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 7 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 14 days ban.


[15] No harassing staff or other players:

  • 1st offense = Warning.
  • 2nd offense = 5 minute mute/jail.
  • 3rd offense = 30 min mute/jail.
  • 4th offense = 1 hour mute/jail.

Mute or jail depends on the situation.


[16] No Impersonating Staff:

  • ¬†1st offense = 3 days ban.
  • ¬†2nd offense = 7¬†days ban.

This includes using morph or witchery.


[17] No Console Clients:

  • 1st offense = 2¬†days ban.
  • 2nd offense = 4¬†days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 7¬†days ban.

Not the same as a ‚Äúhacked client‚ÄĚ by any standard, and offer both online and offline gameplay, however also can be used with scripts to relog, anti-afk, chunk load, move, etc.


[18] Ban evading (using different accounts to enter the server):

  • 1st offense = 2 day ban + time left on the main account.
  • 2nd offense = 7 day ban + time left on the main account.
  • 3rd offense = 14 day ban + time left on the main account.

[19] No explaining/exposing of dupe/bug/glitch methods:

  • 1st offense = 1 day ban
  • 2nd offense = 4 day ban
  • 3rd offense = 7 day ban
  • 4th offense = 14 day ban

[20] Use common sense:

  • If you have abused a 'loop-hole' in our rules, then the punishment will be decided by me with the help of the GM+'s.

If you cause us too much trouble it may result in a permanent ban.


FTB Staff, Tekkit Staff

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