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I will be covering 3 main topics 

  • Chat Spam using /pay 
  • Theory of who is behind it

Topic #1


Lets start by defining the problem

In the past week (since April 10th) I count over 20+ bans.... in 5 days. This is a crazy number but when you look at it more closely the dots connect.   I will list each name, and highlight which ones Attack staff/Players/attempt to annoy. With the goal of showing this is the doing of 1 individual.

  1. Bronyman
  2. Mavlikesmen
  3. MaverickGoth1
  4. HurryCallness
  5. AdminsWakeup
  6. VoteGod
  7. starickoLP
  8. 23oclock
  9. graveybade
  10. 100000000000
  11. AcFreak18
  12. ShadowPhonix83
  13. ddddddddd
  14. AcFreak16
  15. ACfreak11
  16. ACFreak13_
  17. swimsam_
  18. China_fish23
  19. notstupid777
  20. its23oclock
  21. Maverickgoth
  22. AccountNo21
  23. SmashedPotato
  24. Callheadmin
  25. pinkwinkle
  26. hungerydeer

The chat spam on the server has increased so much and is hitting when the server hits its peak of players. It is annoying, Confuses new players and is unacceptable.

I know for a fact staff is aware of this but I just am curious if anything is being done or anything can be done.

Topic #2


Now we have our dots, lets connect them

Most people will blame the individual by the name of car or kryofox. I will attempt to stay unbiased.

Now this all started a few days after car was banned for 2 days do to ACFreak13 complaint on her,(This part is important). Car got in trouble for the same 3 players now lets see who made the list

  1. MaverickGoth-Chat harassment which was used in her ban
  2. ACFreak- Created a complaint that got her banned
  3. Swimsam1- Created a complaint that got her warned

This is no random blaming this is cold hard evidence.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the outline of whats going on.

What is being done?

What can be done?

-If I missed any info had any spelling errors plz correct me I dont have allot of free time today.


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We've been combating this for a week now, permabans have been given to the player but we are not gonna disclose any more information as to why the keeps happening as we dont want anyone following a similar route as this one person. We're currently looking for solutions like the one yusixs posted above to fix this type of behaviour, all we can do right now is suppress the individual. 

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