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Your Name:  Dynamitas       Island Owner: Dynamitas
Coordiantes: x -6416 z 1782
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year):  04/30/19 somewhere around EEST 23:00
Description of Issue: McJambo and TenorLemons griefed my base and not only my base, but others too and the spawn too.
Screenshots (Optional):

Griefed spawn right at /spawn 

At my base right when I get to my spawnpoint

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10 hours ago, Exief said:

Just to confirm, you want your cave rolled back to the 2nd of April?

this is quite a long time ago and may have been a typo.

Yea that was a typo, I edited it. I was really mad about it so made a typo :D

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