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Market major glitch left clicked 2nd filter from left and purchased everything on the page.

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I went to the market to check prices, when I went to left click the upper 2nd from the left filter button.

The market proceeded to purchase a ton of items I did not click on.  I need a moderator that can look into

my mail box. Please fix at your earliest convience I'm not taking the purchased items out. it was well over $6000+

if not allot more. not exactly sure.

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Hello MaverickGoth,

This occurs when you sort by rows in the market listing inventory. When you sort these items, the market thinks you're "clicking" them, causing the purchase to occur. I would recommend not sorting the items via tabs in the upper right, or middle-mouse clicking (sorting function) while in market.


Example of issue below:


Attempt to sort by rows in market.



"Accidentally" purchased items.




Sorting is a game mechanic that the market plugin has a difficult time working with, so please do not sort the market in the future to prevent a similar situation. I hope this cleared up some confusion.


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No it didn't clear up anything, I still have over $6000 ingame cash gone out of my account closer to $10000 and a bunch of items in my mail box

that I did not purchase.  Explain to me how this is going to work? everything that was purchased because of this glitch does not have a price tag

on it, but everything I had for sale does. an there is allot more than 3 or 4 items and I know for a fact those 16M memory cards were going for $1000 each.

I want my money back and this stuff out of my inventory.  As far as DON'T use the filter buttons anymore, no problem I won't but that doesn't fix this problem.


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