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Inventory Rollback Request Tryneon

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Your Name: Tryneon
Coordinates: -383 -237 -9999
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): At around 18o'clock
Description of Issue: 

There seemed to be a hacker in the spawn hub, i was there to buy blazerods and just as i did he came at me and teleported me and i died.

I wasn't able to recover my grave, and the GM said to come here.
Screenshots (Optional): 

I don't have a screenshot of my Inventory before, i had nano suit armor, some tinker tools and some other stuff

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Thanks :) 

But could i get  like 6 Ender Amethyst , 3 netherstars (These where for modifiers on the tools , the paper i can make myself again 😛 ), gold banded greatwood wand, 16 block placers and breakers from openblocks and some blaze rods because when you gave me back my items I lost my other inventory 😕 And there i had new tools and my thaumcraft items also.

Have a nice day, and i'll keep my inventory clear :)

Edited by Tryneon
Wanted some specific items

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