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[Inventory Rollback] AtomicGrog

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This is pretty much a mirror of the event that ilja615 posted here: 


Your Name: AtomicGrog
Coordinates: x: -370 y: -300 z: -250 +/- a

block or two.

Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15/5/2019 approx 9pm Sydney (mid day gmt according to my calculation).

Description of Issue:

I was attempting to use the sign at spawn to rtp. 1st couple of attempts resulted in an unsafe then i was transported to darkness and died. Oddly when I returned to spawn it showed my death marker below me. I was then transported to the same spot repeatedly, dieing every time and returning to spawn after. At that point I spotted SkyWarsPro08 destroying spawn (and subsequently posted screenshots in staff discord as per GM request).

Key losses are a kingslime tinkers hammer and sword, both with moss. Given to me by  ilij615 an hour or so prior. Other losses include an iron pickaxe and other sundries not worth listing. In the scale of things recoverable but not without pain due to stage of game ie a starting gift from someone.

i appreciate that it might be hard to refund tinkers items, happy to take materials instead.

Screenshots (Optional): I have no screenshots of inventory, have posted the hackers actions already, will post here if requested but it doesn’t seem an appropriate location.

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