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Hi, well did you have  the chest full of items or just some, if it was full and you can't put a list of items and quantity then i suggest you make a reroll request with the time that you want to reroll to, but if you remember the items and qunt. then make a refund request please use in both cases the specific template.
P.S if you have a screen shot that will be very helpfull.


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Your Name: Nitrom_HD
Item Name + ID + Ammount: 

Block of cobalt 1496 55(+/-)

quarry 1006 2

nether star 399 13 (+/-)

Electrum block 763:7 10 (+/-)

Tin Block 636:1 10(+/-)


x: 15550,26015 y:25,000 z-4549,25000

(in twilight)

Description of Issue:

Shortly after I broke down my chests for sorting, they were deleted by the anti lag system

Screenshots (Optional): 

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