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[Unban] Premium+ Lordmarci87

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[1] In-Game Username:

Lordmarci87[Premium+] Skyfactory4
[2] Details of Situation:

The GM D34DPlayer have ask me in PN from where i have the ProjektE Table i ask this item isnt Banned i have craft it normal. And when i go in GM1 i can use ProjekE normal. So i dont break the Rule 2.

[3] Ban Category:

Look on Screenshot-

[4] Ban Duration:

Look on Screenshot

[5] Staff Member:

D34DPlayer [GM] [SA/SB2/SF4]

[6] ScreenShots:



[7] Your Reason:

That items are not Banned iam Premium+ i can use it on my own IS i dont have give it to another Players and i play alone on my IS. I dont break Rule 2 when the items are not Banned.

Disabled Mods:


  • ProjectE¬†- Disabled by prestige. The mod isnt Disabled when you guys Disabled it then i cant craft it or in GM1 That isnt so. So I dont break the Rule 2

ProjektE isnt restricted when it is so then we cant craft it but it is craftable and so not Restricted when I use GM1 and it is Banned then delete it Automatik from my inventory but it isnt so so i dont break any Rules!!!!!

ProjektE is in Modpack SF4 inside you can use it without prestige if you already have it in the Banned list inside then I ask you to disable it on the server to not always ban people who use it. you can do everything from projectE crafting all items and blocks are unlocked even without prestige. It is not necessary to banish people straight away just take them and take the items away and if they do it again then you can ban them. because the ProjektE is inside the modpack you do not break any rule. I say nothing if it is banned on the server and it is automatically deleted immediately from the inventory and any people bypass that because I would ban immediately, but it is not automatically deleted so you do not break any rule.

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So I'm going to explain it as clearly as possible to avoid any this being discussed again, first of all ProjectE is disabled by the modpack for any world without prestige enabled, that's the case for this server.

Well let's talk about the supposed "crafting" you are talking about, if you try to craft any ProjectE item the normal way (a crafting table, a crafting station, a crafting terminal ...) the item won't appear and if you try to look for the recipe on JEI it won't appear either. That's the way prestige and gamestages restrict the usage of that mod. (Also items disabled by JEI as it's the case here are restricted on its own)


Now let's assume you managed to get this item by other ways, (I would suggest you not revealing any of those methods or it'll go against Rule 19) when you'll have it in your hand the item will disappear, so you wouldn't be able to place the transmutation table that you had at your base. I have a screenshot of the method used to bypass that but I won't share it here.



Let's now talk about the possibility of getting those items from creative, I already dealt with a similar case here:

On 7/30/2019 at 1:55 AM, D34DPlayer said:

I've investigated it and it's caused by an unexpected interaction between our "Spawned by" plugin and the Prestige mod, and as such it's still considered a bug.

And as I said the prestige restriction still appears on the gm1 menu:


So in conclusion the crafting and placing of ProjectE blocks, and using gm1 to get those items all count as bug abuses and so the Rule 2 ban will stay.

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Unfamiliar Item text isnt make from Server this is includet from modpack and you can craft it in a crafting table or station when i come tomorrow online and you are online too 

then i will show you an example that you can do it after that i will delete it again.

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