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I died due to lag and I can't find my grave

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I'm where my grave marker is on the minimap but I can't find my grave. I had logged out and back in due to lag and when I logged back in I was dead. This happened in the Deep Dark. Is there anyway I could get my stuff back or have help finding my grave? 

A list of things I lost (that I can remember):

-ichorium capped ichor strapped silverwood wand

-focus pouch with fire, lightning, digging, portal, warding, flying, teleporting, fire-bat summoning, dislocation, primal, and the lifting-objects foci

-awakened void armor helm, tunic, and pants

-boots of the traveller with speed (?) and repair II

There was some more stuff but the list is what I really care about. Any help would be REALLY appreciated.

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