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[DW20 1.12] Increase max claim limit

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Currently the max claim allowed is 15 which is quite little considering some bases like mine and/or the biggest players. It's impossible to unclaim everything and reclaim it in a bigger area considering the lack of blocks and making a possible mess.
I'm suggesting to add more claim to the limit according to ranks, like maybe scale 5 to 10 more per rank, or add a max claim limit kit ?

Thanks for reading.

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On 2/13/2020 at 8:56 PM, brunyman said:

Hi, I cannot find any configurable limits, or permission based on GP

I think the server is using the Grief Prevention Plugin.

I, too, would like to see an increase, be it a significant one. I've started building a central hub with (Draconic) portals linking to and from tiny temples spread across the map in the neighborhood of fellow player's bases. To prevent vandalism and abuse I claim each of these 5x5 areas for a temple, but I've hit the claims per user limit fast (20 or so). Alternative is that I ask the target player to adopt the temple by claiming its space, but I was hoping that would not be needed.



MaximumNumberOfClaimsPerPlayer: 0

If you set this to more than zero, players won't be able to own more than the number of claims you specify. To exempt a player from this limit, use permission griefprevention.overrideclaimcountlimit, which operators have by default.




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