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BuyCraft Issue ND_Sandman Change Spawners

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Please make the title of your post [Buycraft Issue]*ND_Sandman*

In game name: ND_Sandman

Proof of Purchase: Paypal and ingame email shown below.

Description of Issue: When I place the first four in a chest the all became cow

Date/Time of Purchase:August 19, 2019 

Items/Rank Bought:Bought 5 mob spawners: Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Skeleton and Zombie all are cows now.

Screenshots (Optional):image.thumb.png.173d72b138be7d3a44c970af3eff19f6.png

Any other important information: Think Rei's minimap shows  +2386   -3272  64 or 65 as grid coords to my now 5 chests. Contact me if you have an questions. used 8YEARS coupon as well.


Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received

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