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Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modded Server update to modpack version 6.0b is complete!

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Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 6.0b! 46 mod updated, 4 utility mods added and other changes.


  • Updated 46 mods.
  • Updated all configs and scripts.
  • Added 4 utility mods. (Dank Null, Artisan Integration, Clumps, Better Questing Forestry Expansion)
  • Updated  the launcher client version.

Official Change log:


Patch 6.0b (+Server Pack)
DankNull, Bees, Animania fixes and so much more!


 Included in Version 6.0a+6.0b:
-Fixed a Crash when entering Twilight Forest
-Fixed a bug with artisan hammers when crafting plates
-Removed Streams mod because incompatible with spongeforge. Streams in persistend worlds are now just empty. I apologize
-Downgraded Better Questing + Addons because of crashes and bugs
-Removed "Update Questdatabase" Quest. Users will be prompted with a flashing button to click and update safely on the top right corner when opening the book.

-Updated 44 Mods!
-4 New utility Mods!
    -Dank Null is back! (inclusive recipe for creative danknull) All bugs are fixed. [thx to all my patreons for all the tests and thx to TheRealp455w0rd for all the hard work!]
    -Artisan Integration [Lots of useful things around Artisan Tables. More details below under QOL changes]
    -Clumps [For serverfriendly mob farms :)]
    -Better Questing Forestry Expansion [For future bee quests]
-HUGE BeeComb overhaul! Reworked over 75 different combs. More to come! [more details below under Bees]
-Disabled Radiation on Space Stations!
-Removed Autopickup! [Too many dupes,bugs and exploits with different mods and items like shulkerboxes] time to make some plans for magnetizations stuff?^^
-Food System and Extra Hearts:
    -Changed the numbers of unique foods you need to eat to unlock more hearts (40->50) an increased the total amount of hearts you can gain from 20->30
    -You can now eat up to 1000 different meals to get more hearts! In short: 500 Food = +10 Hearts // 1000 Food = +20 Hearts
-Refined Life Essence is now available; requires blood and acrylic acid which requires different nuclearcraft and rockhounding machines
-Tons of Animania fixes! [special thx to the entire Animania Team! / More details below]
-Added the Gunsmith villager, who sells ammunition, blueprints and revolver pieces [Thx to Immersive Engeneering team]
-Added perks to the Immersive Engeneering Revolver! [Thx to Immersive Engeneering team]
-Items on Immersive Engeneering conveyors now despawn after the usual time when stuck against a block
-Added 2 New Plushies [more details below in loottables]
-Reworked the entire upgrading system for non energy exchangers to prevent NBT mistakes
-Added quests to explain the new Industrial Blast Furnace heat-mechanics
-Reworked Centrifugal Separator due to the new BeeComb mechanics [Thermal Expansion]
-Reworked Industrial Grinder for further patches [TechReborn]
-Reworked Elite and Ultimate crafting tables to fit better into questlines
-Reworked Dragonsteel Ingots [IceandFire]
-Greenhouse Glass can no longer be stacked! [This was changed from ActuallyAdditions!]
-Balanced Travelers Sack [ActuallyAdditions]
-Balanced Basic Ring [ActuallyAdditions]
-Balanced Wireless RF Transmitter [EU2]
-Rebalanced Mega Torch [Torch-Master]
-Rebalanced Magic Lantern [Dungeon Tactics]
-Increased Energy usage per Lasergun shot to 3,0k RF [PlusTiC]
-Increased Laser Medium Costs 2 -> 8 Ingots [PlusTiC]
-Increased Laser Pipe Piece cost 3 -> 10 Ingots [PlusTiC]
-Rebalanced Advanced Connector Upgrade [Xnet] [Thx to Mrdeadlocked]
-Reworked all Satchels [Thermal Expansion]
-Reworked all Flux Capacitors [Thermal Expansion]
-Reworkd Sturdy Casing [Forestry]
-Balanced Player Chest [EU2]
-Balanced Gravayard Soil [Tinkers Construct]
-Balanced Imperfect Ritual Stone [Blood Magic]
-Reworked Mechanical Squeezer [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Thermionic Fabricator [Forestry]
-Slightly reworked T3-T6 Crafting Seeds [Mystical Agriculture]
-Balanced TechReborn Upgrades and moved to Engineers WS and Carpenter
-Removed Inudstrial Foregoing Fluid Pump [is a bit broken, all other pumps works much better]
-Disabled Quark feature "Right click add to shulker box" because it void items!
-Reworked Vibranium Ingot: requires now mars Regolith Stone and vibranium dust to can be smelted into ingots
-Moved Vibranium Ore to T5 and T6 Void Ore miners and included Mars Regolith Stone
-Reworked Void Ore Miner T4,T5,T6 Controllers [Enviromentaltech]
-Disabled all weird Tesseract recipes [Botanic Additions]
-Removed mineral salt and unified to Mekanism salt. If you have some mineral salt lying around, you can easy convert them to meka salt in patch 6.0 by putting it into a crafting grid
-Moved Terrasteel Seed from T5 to T6

Quality of Life changes:
-All Artisan Workshops allow now vanilla crafting [thx to codetaylor!]
-Artisan Tools can now be repaired in an anvil [thx to codetaylor!]
-Artisan "Botania" Tools can now be repaired with Mana! [thx to codetaylor!]
-Refined Storage Extrem Patterns and the Encoder are no longer gated behind Neutronium (still Vibramantium)
-Freshmilk + empty bucket can be converted to a vanilla milk bucket
-Basalt Essence can now be crafted also into Basalt Ingots instead only in blocks [Thx to Seizwell]
-New Carpenter Recipe for Advanced Connectors including boost recipe [XNet]
-Added Inferium Coal and Inferium Coal blocks as fuel for the Primitive Blast Furnace [Immersive Engineering]
-The Primitive Blast Furnace is now producing steel slightly faster [Immersive Engineering]
-Storage Drawers keep their items now when broken
-Readded all the plates to the TechReborn Compressor [was removed in latest TR update]
-Improved mass crafting recipes for Aquamarines [Magic Workshop and Carpenter]
-You can use now Mernil Essence to craft some Crystallized Menril chunks
-Seared Brick Blocks can be converted back to Seared Brick Ingots
-Added a HOP Graphite Dust compression recipe to Thermal Expansion Compactor
-Reduced Sharpening Kit costs 4 -> 2
-Rich Bioblend and Rich Biomass accepts now also Forestry Seed oil in the Fluid Transposer [Thx to Sartugha]
-Galacticraft Silicon Ore and Raw Silicon can now be smelted into regular silicon and is no longer useless
-Rebalanced Biometric Card beacause was too expensive with an iridium circuit [Thx to Scheills]
-Red and browns mushroom blocks can be converted to regular mushrooms
-Enabled AE2 Inscriber to can use Inscriber name Press for recipes with more then >9 items [more uses to come]

-First of all thx to DanekJovax for improving step by step all the quest descriptions into a more understandable English :D
-Removed Indusrial Foregoing fluid Pump Quests and replaced with "electric pump"
-Moved Terrasteel Seed and Essence Quest to Mystical Agriculture Tier 3
-Replaced Terrasteel Quests in Mystical Agriculture Tier 2 with Titanium Quests
-01 New Quest in White Magic Tier 2
-01 New Quest in Tier 3 Main Questline
-01 New Quest in Tier 4 Main Questline

Kitchen Workshop:
-Stock requires now additional Fresh Water
-Reworked Beans and Rice recipe
-Reworked Baked Beans recipe
-Rebalanced Fish&Chips Values
-Rebalanced 1000kg Fries Values

Tinker's Construct Traits: [!This Changes affects ONLY new tools and weapons and NOT existing ones!]
- Removed "Tantrum" from Dyonite because "eats" Tiberium and useless and replaced with "Poisonous"
- Removed "Analyzing" from Duranite because this trait is voiding items! Replaced with "Lightweight"
- Removed "Diffuse" from Uru because this trait is voiding more items! Replaced with "Glimmer"

Changed OreGen for Botania Orchid:
-Added Ovium Ore
-Added Jauxum Ore
-Added Karmesin Ore
-Added Eezo Ore
-Added Duranite Ore

Reworked over 75 different Combs and there are more to come![WIP]:
Running apiaries have not been that interesting or worthwhile to-date, but now, that's about to change! Thanks to the efforts of FreebiTech Inc.(tm), it is now possible to get your bee combs to produce all sorts of useful and wonderous things! "Bee" the envy of your neighbors! With the right machines and booster materials, aspiring apiarists like you will now be able to see quadruple...no...SEXTUPLE your ore production! And, if that's not enough, you'll be able to produce fluids as well... and all this for just having bees (well, the right kind of them, at least)! But wait! There's more! These grand advancements also includes a few TAIGA ORES!!

New Comb Processing Levels:
    -"Tier 1", Forestry's Centrifuge:
          -normal combs -> A lot of different materials + better % output for beeswax, honey drops and more
          -ore combs -> 2x ore dust output + better % output for beeswax, honey drops and more
    -"Tier 2", Thermal Expansion Centrifuge:
          -normal combs -> 2x primary output, +30% secondary outputs, + additional fluid
          -ore combs -> 4x primary output, +30% secondary outputs
    -"Tier 3", using Liquid Refined Boosting Mixture:
    -Type A, Fluid Infuser to boost solid output:
          -normal combs -> 3-5x primary output (varies per comb)
          -ore combs -> 6x primary dust output
    -Type B, Alchemical Imbuer to boost fluid output:
          -normal combs -> 3-5x fluid output

Here are a few examples of the new combs: [There are tons of it so pls check JEI for more :D]
1x Iron Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 2x Pulverized Iron + 1x Inferium Essence with 30% chance + 1x Special Infused Iron Essence 10% chance
1x Iron Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 4x Pulverized Iron + 1x Inferium Essence with 60% chance + 1x Special Infused Iron Essence 40% chance
1x Iron Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 6x Pulverized Iron

1x Copper Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 2x Pulverized Copper + 1x Inferium Essence with 30% chance + 1x Beeswax 10% chance
1x Copper Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 4x Pulverized Copper + 1x Inferium Essence with 60% chance + 1x Beeswax 40% chance
1x Copper Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 6x Pulverized Copper

1x Static Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 2x Pulverized Tiberium + 1x Tiberium Nugget with 30% chance + 1x Tiny Pile of Redstone 10% chance
1x Static Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 4x Pulverized Tiberium + 1x Tiberium Nugget with 60% chance+ 1x 1x Tiny Pile of Redstone 40% chance
1x Static Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 6x Pulverized Tiberium

1x Pyrite Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 2x Pulverized Pyrite + 1x Pulverized Eezo with 30% chance + 1x Beeswax 10% chance
1x Pyrite Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 4x Pulverized Pyrite + 1x Pulverized Eezo with 60% chance+ 1x Beeswax 40% chance
1x Pyrite Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 6x Pulverized Pyrite

1x Rocky Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 3x Vanilla Smooth Stone + 1x Beewax 30% chance + 1x Honey Drop 10% chance
1x Rocky Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 6x Vanilla Smooth Stone + 1x Beewax 60% chance + 1x Honey Drop 40% chance + 100mb of Molten Seared Stone
1x Rocky Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 32x Vanilla Smooth Stone
1x Rocky Comb -> [Tier 3 fluid boost]: 4000mb of Molten Seared Stone

1x Honey Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 1x Beewax + 1x Honey drop with 30% chance
1x Honey Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 2x Beewax + 1x Honey drop with 60% chance + 100mb of Liquid Honey
1x Honey Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 8x Beewax
1x Honey Comb -> [Tier 3 fluid boost]: 4000mb Honey

1x Simmering Comb -> [Tier 1 machine]: 1x Propolis + 1x Honey drop with 30% chance + 1x Slimy Biomass 10% chance
1x Simmering Comb -> [Tier 2 machine]: 2x Propolis + 1x Honey drop with 60% chance + 1x Slimy Biomass 40% chance + 100mb of Methan Gas
1x Simmering Comb -> [Tier 3 solid boost]: 8x Propolis
1x Simmering Comb -> [Tier 3 fluid boost]: 4000mb of Methan Gas

-New Plushie: Twitch Plushie; can be found in Vanilla Dungeons, Lootbags, Mineshafts, Jungle Temple, Nether and rare in ruins [Patreon reward for Jadeon <3].
-New Plushie: Shiny Umbreon Plushie; can be found in Vanilla Dungeons, Lootbags, Desert Pyramids, Jungle Temple, Nether and Ruins [Patreon reward for Xslice55555 <3]

-Fixed Industrial Blast Furnace Quest [was sometimes not recognized]
-Fixed Tungsten Ore from T4 Void Ore miners
-Fixed a Quartz Dupe
-Fixed broken Dilithium Dust recipe in Manufactory [Nuclearcraft]
-Fixed server side crash with teleport rails [thx to HyCraftHD]
-Fixed Galacticraft recipe for Tier 1 Battery
-Fixed Galacticraft recipe for Tier 2 Battery
-Fixed Solar Array Tier 5 recipe [Enviromentaltech]
-Fixed Iron Dupe with Rails [thx to Bazyl]
-Fixed Diversion Transporter recipe in carpenter [Mekanism]
-Fixed Neutronium Collector recipe (serverside bug) [Avaritia]
-Various Gaia Guardian anti-cheese measures [thx to Vazkii]
-Fixed Dark Palm Logs (had no plank recipe) [Zoesteria Biomes]
-Removed unstable Galacticraft Laser turret
-Fixed Matter Transmitter recipe [RFTools]
-Fixed Matter Reciver recipe [RFTools]
-Temporarily disabled all recipes for the Dungeon Tactics Guidebooks because they "eat" the Akashic Tome

Animania Fixes:
-Fixed massive overbreeding issues
-Animals now use troughs more reliably
-Fixed some naming issues with peacocks (credit: Feranogame)
-Pets now actually respect the tamedAnimalsTeleport config (credit: WaterMonitor)
-Beehives now actually save the honey inside them (credits: jano1221, Fortist, hron84, many more)
-Troughs no longer render partially transparent when looked at from weird angles (credits: katubug, Exorno, Sandriell, Salohcin894, Graywaren, HonzaVinCZ)
-Animals in Ambiance mode are no longer hungry and thirsty (credit: Fortist)
-Fixed issue with build.gradle (credit: Tsoccerguy3)
-Fixed crash related with Salt Lick (credits: scotty9090, crazygmr101, katubug, nonsintetic)
-Manual no longer crashes when cart/wagon is disabled (credit: Renari)
-Small pets could sometimes not be picked up (credit: KatSpectrum)
-Read more about last Animania Update here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/animania/files/2786520

Updated Mods:
-Better Questing Forestry Expansion
-Doomlike Dungeons
-Galacticraft Planets
-Immersive Engeneering
-Mekanism Ores
-Underground Biomes
-Useful Railroads



Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack


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