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Claimed areas!!!

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Okay so I'm fairly new around here but when I find a server I like I tend to play a lot. Playing on this server 4-8 hours each night I've noticed there are so many cool things around the map that spawn in. My issue being cool things like x:0 z:0 are claimed by someone who hasn't been on in 134 days as of today. There are partially ruined structures scattered throughout the map claimed by people who haven't been on in 40, 60, even 140+ days. This part isn't a complaint but I've yet to see a staff member on not saying the hours I play people are awake anyway. But I believe it falls upon the staff members to routinely check up on claim length and how long the player has been logged off. Unless noted they're on vacation or something I highly doubt someone who hasn't played in 100+ days is just gonna jump on to pick up right where they left off lol. Regardless I'm more than willing to help with this or if the staff would please take care of it I'd like to do a lot of cool things for and on this server to make it better, ie Landmarks, Mod guide building, and so on. Things to make the server more fun for new players and even new modded players in general. Sorry if this was too much to read I just genuinely like this server a lot as quality reliable Minecraft servers are getting harder to find and especially since you have so many packs it's pretty awesome. 

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