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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I don't know, I'm building and suddenly got ban by violate rule #2 without any warn or explains.

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 2 (1st offense)

[4] Ban Duration:

To December 10th

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

I don't know why I've been banned. I'm using Craftersland launcher and building my base, suddenly I get banned without any warning or explain. All of my items I make it by myself or buy from spawn market, not dupe or exploits to get

UPDATE: After discussion on Discord, I've been told that my electromagnet is spawned items. However, this item I crafted by myself and I cannot spawn items and also not have any reasons to do that. Can some other staff analyze that for me please.

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