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Happy New Year 2020! A look into 2019 and future.

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Hi guys, as 2019 ends and a new year starts, I would like to thank you all for all your support, for keeping the community alive. The fact that we are still here after 8 years is thanks to all of you, each player that plays on our servers and staff members. 

By looking into the 2019, a year ago we only had few modded servers running, we doubled the amount of rented dedicated hosts and servers, keeping all these running is getting more and more challenging but also it is still fun doing it.

So plans for future are to keep existing servers running with maintenance and updates and open more servers with different modpacks. In January we will have to do some Dedicated servers maintenance, means take them down, install all updates and reboot everything. We have 8 dedicated servers, all of them are running on i7 gen7 CPU except for one that is a Ryzen 7 first gen. By the end of Januarry and beginning  of February we will replace 6 of them with new intel i7 gen10 and Ryzen 7 3rd gen hardware. The nice part will be we will have more compute power at around the same yearly cost. We will post more info about maintenance or transfers to new hardware after New Year.


Thank you all, have a great New Year!




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Thank you for the the servers, it's still cool to play on and once bored from a modpack, there are plenty of other modpacks to explore in this community.

One good resolution for 2020 would be more involvement from some staff in getting closer to their community as some aren't at all (or very little), including you, no offense, and more transparency about what you guys do. Players or staff, we're all people and gamers, some friendly relationship is never too much.


Happy New Year !

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