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Potential Hacker?

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Title: Potential Hacker? MegaMills

In-Game Nickname: MegaMills
Your username (Optional): Darknesscafted
Time and Date: 4:17 AM 1/19/20
Description of what happened: Guy joins the server, I don't think much of it, he gets a few achievements, taking inventory getting wood ect. nothing unusual. but after only a few minutes he starts teleporting to people. I initially ignore it because i was busy. But I had seen other players in chat thanking him and whatnot so i decided to let him over and see what was up, low and behold. keep in mind not minutes after joining the server. he hands me 2 staffs of power. and a creative mana pool (this is not obtainable in sf2.5) so that set off some alarms. and here i am.
Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/EvGH1W This is his inventory, my rank gives me access to /invsee so it made it super easy to see what he was doing. 
List of eyewitnesses: Darknesscafted (Me), Mafi2, Mollythemonkey (just saw them in chat say they got op stuff from him as writing this), Daswall.

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