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Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modded Server update to modpack version 7.0b is complete!

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Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 7.0b! This is a large update, lot's of config changes, this update also had some initial issues, we had some crashes and did patched them but we will have to see how stable is and we will patch any other crash.


  • Updated all configs and scripts.
  • Updated quests.
  • Updated  the launcher client version.
  • Updated about 45 mods.
  • Removed V0id-Bckpacks mod, got replaced with simply backpacks.
  • Updated Sponge and Dynmap.
  • Updated plugins: Nucleus, LukyPerms, Economy, GP and few others.
  • Increased world border to 136k wide.

Official Change log:


Patch  7.0b (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! Command: /bq_admin default load

V0id-Bckpacks was removed and replaced with simply backpacks. !Transfer your items out of the backpack before you update!
The mod has not been maintained for a long time and there have been many desync issues and players who have lost their inventory. With the new update the mod has finally become unstable/unplayable and leads to crashes.

Included in 7.0a/b:
-Updated Astral Sorcery (fixes many serious issues!)
-Updated Alchemistry
-Fixed DD&SS Logo and Packname for Dicordcraft Rich Presence
-New Quest-Shop Reward: Robust Twilight Oak Tree
-Fixed some broken recipes with vanilla pistons and furnaces (like factorizer)
-Cleaned up a bunch of typos (questbook)

-Updated 44 Mods
-150 New Quests [1750 in total]
-Fixed/Added/Solved over 41 Github Tickets (issues and requests)
-5 New Mods! [294 Mods in total]
-> Modular Machinery
-> Just Enough Calculations
-> Better Builders Wand
-> Simply Backpacks
-> PackagedAutoExCrafting [For improved automation with Extended Crafting Tables in lategame]
-Completely reworked Main-Questline Tier 3
-New Quest Chapter: Main-Questline Tier 5 with 132 new Quests
-BetterQuesting has a new Layout/Gui

New Multiblock Machine: Advanced Alloy Smelting Factory [Check Tier 3 Main-Questline if you're already done]
-This multiblock machine can create alloys faster, more efficiently (more yield than Tinkers Smeltery) and without having to melt the metals in their liquid form.
-Supports all taiga alloys
-Supports all common alloys like bronze, lumium, enderium etc.
-Supports special alloys like Vibramantium, Gaia Spirit Ingot etc.
-Supports liquid boosting mixture to increase the output even more!

New Multiblock Machine: Master Assembler 2k20 [Tier 5 Main-Questline]
-This multiblock machine can create compressed plates/Heavy Duty plates faster, more efficiently and more comfortable than the Rolling machine/Galacticraft Compressor.
-Supports all Compressed Plates
-Supports all Heavy Duty Plates
-Supports all Nuclearcraft sepcial alloyed plates
-Supports Refined Obsidian and Refined Glowstone Ingots and a bunch of items like cells, Mekanism Gas Tanks etc. (WIP)
-Supports liquid boosting mixture to increase the output even more!

-New "Plushie" --> Beer Plushie which can be found in strongholds! [Patreon reward for Syntax009 <3]

-New Block: Ancient Draconium Block [Requires Draconic Evolution Fusion]
-Added Naquadah ore to Void Ore miners T5+T6
-Added Moon Turf to Void Ore miners T5+T6
-Moved Zinc to Void Ore miners T5+T6
-Added bigger ovium, jauxum and karmesine ore-deposits to the Deep Dark (not restricted to granite,andesite etc.) [Refresh Dimension -11325]
-New Illumination Powder recipe with Mystical Agriculture essences for automation purposes (Tier 4+5 essences)
-Magic Powder from Dungeon Tactics is now craftable
-New Sawmill recipe for Wool Cloth
-Since the Master Assembler requires Syngas to work, there are now new alternative methods to produce some
-Xenon Gas/Fluid can now be extracted from a Rockhounding System
-Moved more food recipes to the Kitchen Workshop
-Added Underground Biomes Basalt to the Basalt chisel Package
-Disabled Astral Sorcery Treasure Shriens bc people don't like free vanilla cobble :kappa: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
-Increased Mana Lens Bore to mining LVL Duranite
-Mixed Metal Ingots requires now blood infused iron ingots instead of inert blood iron ingots as alternative recipe
-Raw Mutton, Turkey, Vension, Duck can now be pulverized into Ground Mutton, Ground Duck, Ground Vension, Ground Turkey
-Rebalanced Jewelers Workshop to fit better into quest progression
-Removed Lead Tank bc useless/same amount like iron. Use the iron tank. (If you have already some, they will stay)
-Added all ActuallyAdditions Ore-blocks to the factorizer (split and combine)
-Obsidian Exchanger has now mining lvl Duranite (was Cobalt before)
-Signalum Exchanger has now mining lvl Duranite (was Cobalt before)
-Liquid Plastic can now be used to form Industrial Foregoing plastic [Ingot Former Machine]
-Increased recipe output of Thermal Evaportaiotn Block 1 --> 2
-Galacticraft Cheese Blocks can now be stacked up to 64
-Galacticraft Oil and Thermal Expansion Oil can be convertet to each other with forestry still or nuclearcraft fluid mixer (ratio 1:1)
-Capped Mekanism Gas Burning Generator at 4kRF/t instead of 8kRF/
-Tokra Villagers are much rarer now (Only new Worlds and Chunks)
-Carbon ore/dust from planet mercury can now also be processed in the industrial blast furnace and fluid infuser
-Removed V0id Backpack from starter gear and replaced with new one

Tinker/TAIGA Traits and Alloys:
-Material Solarium: Removed Super Heavy, Leveled and replaced with momentum, stonebound, anti-corrosion [By Astrea because she won the discord legendary-lootbag minigame :)]
-Material Fluix: Replaced Portly Gentleman with Enderference (Portly Gentleman is still on Enderium and Draconium)
Note: Tools/Weapons that already have this trait will keep it as long as this tool/weapon is not leveled any further. (replace material for the new trait)
Tinker/TAIGA Alloys:
-Reworked fractum alloy for a "cleaner" ratio
-Reworked iox alloy for a "cleaner" ratio
-Reworked obsidiorite alloy for a "cleaner" ratio
-Reworked adamant alloy for a "cleaner" ratio and fixed the required amount of liquid starlight
Tinker Patterns:
-Increased Knife Blade material costs to 4 items instead of 1

-Rebalanced ME Pattern Terminal [AE2]
-Rebalanced Storage Crates [Actually Additions]
-Reworked Precision Dropper [Actually Additions]
-Balanced all Better Builders Wands and Removed EU2 builders wand [Better Builders Wand]
-Reworked Manufactory Halo [Botania]
-Reworked Gaia Spirit Ingot + additional recipe for Advanced Alloy Smelting Factory [Botania]
-Balanced Benelolent Godess Charm [Botania]
-Moved a bunch of Rods to the Magic Workshop [Botania]
-Moved Terra Blade to the Blacksmith Workshop [Botania]
-Reworked Creative Exchanger [Draconic Evolution]
-Reworked Wyvern Armor [Draconic Evolution]
-Balanced Energy Core [Draconic Evolution]
-Balanced Awakened Draconium [Draconic Evolution]
-Balanced Awakened Core [Draconic Evolution]
-Rebalanced Wyvern Core [Draconic Evolution]
-Moved Heavy Duty Plates Tier 4 - Tier 10 to the new Master Assembler 2k20 [Extra Planets]
-Reworked Heavy Dusty plates Tier 4,5,6,7,9 [Extra Planets]
-Rebalanced Very Heavy Oxagen Tanks [Extra Planets]
-Rebalanced Decontamination Unit [Extra Planets]
-Balanced all Thermal Padding items to fit better into planet and quest progression [Extra Planets]
-Rebalanced Creative Mill [EU2]
-Reworked Creative Tank [Fluid Tanks]
-Removed Quantum Quarry because it's garbage compared to void miners/digitalminer/Rf builderblock
-Reworked Compressed Meteoric Iron [Galacticraft]
-Rebalanced all Oxygen Compressor Tiers [Galacticraft]
-Rebalanced all Refinery Tiers [Galacticraft]
-Reworked Mechanical Squeezer [Integrated Dynamics]
-Rebalanced Logic Director [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Meteoric Iron Seed [Mystical Agriculture]
-Rebalanced Metallurgig Infuser and all Infusing Factorys [Mekanism]
-Balanced Fuelwood Heater [Mekanism]
-Balanced Personal Chest [Mekanism]
-Reworked Creative Energy Cube [Mekanism]
-Balanced Glass bottles [Minecraft]
-Reworked Steel Frame [Nuclearcraft]
-Reworked Ingot Former [Nuclearcraft]
-Reworked Isotope Separator to match better into quest progression [Nuclearcraft]
-Reworked Multi Armor [Overloaded]
-Reworked Thermopneumatic Processing Plant [Pneumaticcraft]
-Balanced GAN Controller [Rockhound Chemistry]
-Reworked Labblender recipe for Element:Neutronium [Rockhound Chemistry]
-Balanced Shield Template [RF Tools]
-Reworked all Flux Packs [Simply Jetpcks]
-Rebalanced Cart Assembler [Steves Carts]
-Balanced Detector Unit [Steves Carts]
-Balanced PCB [Steves Carts]
-Balanced Advanced PCB [Steves Carts]
-Rebalanced Creative Storage Upgrade [Storage Drawers]
-New Creative Item: Creative Vending Upgrade [Storage Drawers]
-Reworked Consecrated Soil [Tinkers Construct]
-Reworked Magma Crucible [Thermal Expansion]
-Reworked Phytogenic Insolator [Thermal Expansion]
-Reworked centrifuge recipe output when processing white and dark magic dust [Thermal Expansion]

-The Energy Bee is no longer obtainable. Already breeded ones will stay ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ [Career Bees]
-Balanced Alveary
-Balanced Alveary Swarmer
-Balanced Alveary Fan
-Balanced Alveary Heater
-Balanced Alveary Hygroregulator
-Balanced Alveary Stabiliser
-Balanced Alveary Sieve
-Balanced Alveary Frame Holder
-Balanced Alveary Transmisison
-Balanced Alveary Electric Simulator
-Balanced Alveary Rain Shield
-Balanced Alveary Lightning
-Balanced Untreaded Frame
-Balanced Impregnated Frame
-Balanced Chocolat Frame
-Balanced Restraint Frame
-Balanced Soul Frame
-Balanced Healing Frame
-Balanced Magic Frame
-Balanced BeeGun

-New Quest Chapter: Main Questline Tier 5!
-Completely overhauld Main Questline Tier 3
-Added 01 New Quests to Main Questline Tier 1
-Added 01 New Quests to Main Questline Tier 2
-Added 06 New Quests to Main Questline Tier 3
-Added 02 New Quests to Main Questline Tier 4
-Added 132 New Quests to Main Questline Tier 5
-Added 06 New Quests to Mystical Agriculture Tier 1
-Fixed tons of typos [thx to PatrickZergRush/Cyber01/Sartugha]
-Fixed Quest: Steam Dynamo [was sometimes not recognized]
-Reworked a bunch of quest rewards

-Quark Pirate Ships had pretty bad default loot until now. Now the entire loottable has been reworked to a typical dd&ss loottable including majestic ingots ancient dust [Only new worlds and chunks]
-Roguelike dungeons are now your primary spot for finding enchanted books. In all the other dungeons you will rarely find any. [Only new worlds and chunks]
-Enchanted Tomes can still be found everywhere

-Fixed better questing party desync problems [Thx to Funywayguy]
-Elven Gateway Core can no longer be used as furnace fuel [stop trying such things ok?^^]
-Fixed a crash from reflecting thorns damage [Thx to team Tinkers Construct <3]
-Removed all Steves Carts easter eggs because of Timezone-login issues (Bad Santa -.-) [Th to team Reborn/StevesCarts ]
-Fixed Iron Grate recipe [Quark]
-Fixed Sand to Compressed Sand in compacting drawer
-Fixed Space Emergency Kit [Galacticraft]
-Fixed Kohl and Pinkel recipe [Pams Harvestcraft]
-Fixed salt recipe in Kitchen Workshop [Pams Harvestcraft]
-Fixed and Reworked Liquid Cocoa recipe in Alchemistry Liquifier
-Fixed Copper Tank to Certus Quartz Tank recipe
-Fixed a bunch of exploits
-Fixed a Crash on loading world, (Invalid dimension planet.venus) [Thx to MJRLegends]
-Random Patches has fixed SpongeForge compatibility
-Fixed a crash if Block Miner was breaking a block and also pushed by Sticky Piston with Quark's tile entity integration [Thx to Lothrazar <3]
-Fixed fluorite water amount when melting living dust in Nuclearcraft melter
-Fixed furnace recipe for all Zoesteria Logs
-Fixed furnace recipe for all Extra Planets Logs

-Disabled "ShowIP" in DiscordCraft
-Removed Dynamic Surroundings configs and the enitre mod. Is incompatible anyway atm

Updated Mods:
-Artisan Integration
-Better Questing
-Better Questing Standart Expansion
-Botania [Final Release]
-Opencomputers [Final Release]



Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack


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