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[Closed] Bukkit Helper Applications

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Join full server.
No AFK Kick.
Access to Staff Channels.
Can check others inventory and enderchest.
Check others balance.
Temp mute and Unmute.
Check ban history.
- Atleast 8 hours of server activity per week.
- Join the forums at least once a day.
- Knowledge of your server's modpack.
- You must be mature when dealing with situations and fixing problems. Think before you act.
- Excellent knowledge of the server rules.
- Capability to speak and understanding English properly. (Knowledge of other langauge is also very useful)



As we grow to more servers, it is hard to keep a constant up-time of applications. We will continue to use this method of form-responses to allow us to capture applications/responses in a more easily readable fashion. These applications will be open across our "Bukkit" servers. This category includes:

  • "Bukkit" Which will refer to our Tekkit, Infinity Evolved, SkyFactory2.5 and Direwolf20 1.7.10



To complete this application please submit this form

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