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AssassinsCraft - Glaskerville RELEASED

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It's finally here!
The dark woods of Glaskerville is now open to the public, for those that dare venture inside. 

Glaskerville has been a long ongoing project where we aimed to bring some new concepts to the table, give more of a reason to do parkours and dungeons than just gold. In Glaskerville you will be collecting Tokens alongside your gold, these tokens will let you unlock special traits that are usable inside Glaskerville. You will also be able to trade them for Enchanting books- for our loyal donators this might not be especially exciting as they already have that available to in their donator-only areas. But Glaskerville aims to unify the ranks and give an alternate method of obtaining these enchanting books.

You go through progression steps in Glaskerville, finding clues and unlocking new areas, all while following the storyline of the area. 


If you have no idea where to go after reading this, then go speak to Ronald at spawn. He'll give you some good hints to follow :-)



It should also be noted that the creation of Glaskerville required a lot of custom configuring, the config for the menus alone is 4500 lines. So there ought to be some bugs, and because of that I have opened up this topic for you to report any issues you might have:



SlendyOff - Main builder

Flamefurno - Assisting in building

Zengz - Parkour creator

Henkekalmar - Anything else :P



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Guest Zayphing

Really impressive city!

I can't imagine how much work is needed to create something like this. The buildings, the details, the history, all is amazing.

Also I am so happy to see new dungeons in ACv1 after a long time ago!

I only can say one big "THANK YOU" to the creators!

@Slendy@flamefurno, @Henk, @ZengZ

Keep the good work, guys!

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Thank you @Zayphing!

It took more work than some people might realize :D , I have received some critique of it being too short, but that is because it took so long to create, especially for me when I had to learn how to do this all from scratch. I don't think it's It is an understatement to say that we four combined have spent hundreds of hours on Glaskerville alone.

But...! For those that might feel it is a bit short, this is merely the beginning. We won't immediately add any new dungeons of parkours to Glaskerville per say, but there will still be content added on to it. That is the whole idea of Glaskerville, that it will be something you return to again and again. And the next quest to be worked on will be saving Ronald's Family: Dora and Ellie. If it will be to save their souls or save their lives, only time will tell :-) - But before then I need to work on some stuff behind the scenes, as well as fixing bugs that have arose with the release.


But on top of that, the neighboring area is looking really hot too, also created by the fine gentlemen who built Glaskerville. Expect to see the doors open for that in the near future

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