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[Refund Request]

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Your Name: manevilus
Coordinates:  My claim(dont remember the coordinates)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2:05/2:06 AM EST
Description of Issue: A crash happened around this time, I had just found the area where I was going to set up, so I started unloading my inventory into chests, and as I did, I took my vote keys out of my ender chest and those went into my inventory(I had 52 normal and 2 legendary ones). I was going to go to spawn when the server crashed, when It came back up, I was around 100-300 blocks from my claim and my inventory had rolled back to before I had set up my claim, however my claim was still there and my inventory had rolled back to before I set up the claim and my vote keys poofed.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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