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Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modded Server update to modpack version 7.4a is complete!

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Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 7.4a! Not that a big update, but has some nice fixes!


  • Updated all configs and scripts.
  • Updated quests.
  • Updated  the launcher client version.
  • Updated about 10 mods.

Official Change log:


Patch 7.4a (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! Command: /bq_admin default load


Included in 7.4a:
-Fixed a dupe in Artisan Automation

-Updated Artisan Automation

-Updated Artisan Worktables

-Updated Creafttweaker

Important Stuff:
-New Mod: Artisan Automation
-The Artisan Automation mod is designed to automate crafting recipes created with Artisan Workshops using new machines
-This setup can hold up to 3 different liquids and can automate up to 9 recipes per Workshop
-This automated tasks still require tool durability, fluids and energy in order to work and the operations are slow and can't be boostet like a carpenter
-Material and fluid costs for automated tasks are still higher then in a carpenter

-Updated 10 mods
-Added a faster carpenter recipe for Majestic Ingots using "Boosting Mixture" and a new item "Concentrated Mixture"
-DimensionBuilder Accepts now 200k RF/FE/t per side. (before 50k)
-Rebalanced energy maintain costs of some mystical coal dimlets
-Balanced Lightning Rods [EnivronmentalTech]
-Balanced Scooporator MX200 [Gendustry]
-Added new mass-crafting recipes for Mystical Agricutlure Coal Blocks [Inferium,Prudentium,Intermedium,Superium,Supremium and Insansium]
-Ice&Fire Bestiary can now be put in the Akashic Tome
-Added Omnidirectional Hopper recipe in the Rolling Machine

-Master Assembler 2k20:
----> Added a recipe for the Omnidirectional Hopper

-Advanced Alloy Smelting Factory:
---> Added a new recipe for Evil Infused Ingots [Additional output only when boostet]

-2 New Quests in Tier 1 for the Mechanical Artisan
-Fixed various Quests whose NBT data was sometimes not recognized correctly

-Fixed Evil Infused Ingot recipe in ThermalExpansion Induction Smelter
-Fixed Energy Interface recipe [Integrated Tunnels]
-Fixed cotton to Wool recipe
-Fixed some unintentional mechanics
-Removed a broken Salt recipe from Kitchen Workshop


Updated Mods:
-Artisan Integrations
-Creative Core



Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack


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