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[Item Recovery Request]


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Hi there! 

On the Continuum server at around 5 or 5:30 pm MST, I was logged into the server and while I was AFK, TheAlexKingYT or something like that, warped into my base from a previously (and sneakily) set homepoint. He killed me, and I saw from across the room. When I went over to investigate he had destroyed my tombstone which resulted in my entire inventory being lost. He also took the occasion to steal large amounts of my collected ores and all of my diamonds. Due to some recent changes to our base (literally last night), our items had been relocated directly outside of our claim, therefore making them available for theft. The only thing I request back is my Wings of the Bat and maybe a stack of diamonds. He stole all our blocks and all our singles, and I am not sure how many there were, so a stack should suffice. I don't really care about anything else at this point.

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