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Rollback Request chakals

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Nickname: chakals

Server name: Assasins craft

Inventory rollback

My account was fine the day 25/01/2021 at 8 pm before my account was reset by the request that i made of password reset because i can't saw my skin inside the game( i have premium account)

i play in the minigame assasins craft but i losed all my inventory i had the legendary weapon  tomahawk, my shadow armor with full enchant but just the chest plate, the pants, an the boots because my helmet was of diamond also with full enchants , a scythes clock with velocity,elytras, a enchant bow, and other things also i losed the money of the bank maybe 1.5 million, and all my things of ender chest, also i losed things of the market, i put a notch apple and other things.

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