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Refund request

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Your Name: segggsysquirtle
Item Name + ID + Amount:
Dragon scale boots #45670 x1 (prot 3 unbr 3 advanced mending) 
Summoning stuff #5512 x1 
Bow #0261 x1 (multishot) 
Arrows #0262 64 
Golden apple #0322/0 2 
Medkit #4748/1 x1 
Bezoar #4220 x1 

Base Coordinates: 6 15 2 (I think these are cords) 
Description of Issue: I was in raid World when someone tped to me, then nn showed him my pet roc and he pulled out a pet that looked like a boss creature so I thought it was wild since we were next to a dungeon and started shooting it, then he started killing me and I asked why he did that, he explained to me its his pet I said sorry and he told me to come get my stuff back, when I got there he killed me several times and would not let me grab my stiff and played around with me after I said sorry several times and that it was an accident, that made most of my stuff despawn and I'm hoping I can get a refund since I rll didn't do anything and he kept not letting pick my stuff up. 
Screenshots (Optional): I gave some to the people on a ticket I created, I don't know if I'll Be able to attach them here 

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