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[Unban] ftpsd_

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[1] In-Game Username: ftpsd_

[2] Details of Situation: I was banned for allegedly shouting the server.

[3] Ban Category: Spawn grief and perks abuse.

[4] Ban Duration: Permanently

[5] Staff Member: Console

[6] ScreenShots: 

- InGame: http://prntscr.com/14ydyc0

- Forum: http://prntscr.com/14ye4zq

[7] Your Reason: 

Hello to all the members of this appeal.

As many of you already know and know me from many years ago, I am Isma, known on the server as CrewiCz or ftpsd_.

As many of you may know, I was banned from the server years ago. To be exact, on November 10, 2017. The reason for my ban is mentioned above.. I will explain what happened next.


I still remember how strange it was to find myself banned without being able to give any explanation. But I also appreciated the opportunity to be part of the community and to have been able to help it with everything I could.
As the Staff knew well at the time, I liked being able to help in any way I could. So I decided to perform on my island of the SkyBlock mode a construction (Dungeon) of Assassin'sCraft to finally show it once finished. I didn't really have any knowledge at the time about using the WorldEdit, so I started with construction.

I started by deleting my island and researching the main and essential commands of WorldEdit. The first delete commandos, replace blocks, etc.. It was easy to learn. The problem came when I had to confuse in one of the commands and in the mode began to lower the TPS without crashing the game mode (SkyBlock).
I decided to go to Spawn (/spawn). Seeing that in the seconds I headed to Spawn's point, I decided to do a (/back or /island) I don't remember well which of the two it was.. The problem is that instead of typing it, I thought I used that command before I typed (/spawn) and no, it didn't. What happened is that I generated the same platform that I generated on my island, but in the spawn, unintentionally causing the mode to decrease the TPS of the game mode until the mode dropped. I understand and agree that I was not authorized or allowed to use the WorldEdit in such modes (SkyBlock) without prior notification of use. My intention was only to help and all I managed to do is screw up with this.
I have no regrets about that, far from it, as it was not intentional. Just bad luck and inexperience with WorldEdit and its commands.

I apologize if at any time I could cause confusion with it and distrust with my Staff Group at the time. But it wasn't my intention, let alose look like a griefer.

The reason I make this appeal is not to play and not to annoy, just to log in from to time with my live account and be able to say hello and talk to old players I plaed with and shared time with. 

I am not in a hurry to receive an answer, but I would like you to talk to all the members of the actual Staff and give your opinion on this.


Greeting and thanks in advance for taking your time to read me.

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I worked alongside Isma back in the day and I can vouch for all the awesome work that he did as a staff member on Network. He's one of the most hard working, responsible and overall solid people I've met here. Although we don't know the specifics of the situation at this time, this sounds to me like it could be a misunderstanding of an incident that took place almost four years ago. Regardless, I expect that Management will look into it and might consider lifting the permanent ban if there's reasonable doubt surrounding the circumstances under which the punishment was carried out. 

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Im no longer a staff member but its really easy to come years later with something a lot of people may have forgotten.

If he is unbanned, it should be done only after the person who punished him explains the situation if he/she remembers it.

If it was so unfair, why not making millions of unban requests at that time? If someone made the decision it almost certainly has a reason, we cant doubt what old staff members did because someone just says that years later.

Lets wait for ZengZ to come back in five years saying that my permaban to him was unfair. If noone remembers or wants to remember, yes it was unfair, if someone remembers, well then we will all know that he destroyed the entire AC spawn and made many staff members to spend their time fixing it.

Or lets wait for CapitanParaguas to come 5 years later saying that my permaban was unfair and that he spent his time and regrets it. He had a permaban because of all the damage he caused to Network and his many other offenses. But yeah, he could come back saying he is sorry and that we should forgive him. If someone made the decision of being permanent is for a reason. If we wont respect this reason, then all this system has no sense at all. He had his time to ask for an unban.


EDIT: of course you can pay to get unbanned as many people did.

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I really cannot contribute anything by affirming or denying. I just wanted to comment that you are appealing to come in and play being recognized, not being a staff member. If the old staff see it as an accident, it would have to be reconsidered, since we are all human and can make mistakes, more in minecraft years ago when it was all new.

PD: I'm not saying forgive everyone, but your case seems very exceptional.


Edit: At the end of the day, although whoever is in charge are the managers, if more than 90% say that they believe him for his work and effort that I dedicate to the server, but being staffs who have worked a lot with him, it should at least be think.

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Isma, it's sad to see you were banned, but for me it's not congruent that you were perma-baned because a staff-member mistake. I will not said your ban was unfair because a listened a lot of times what you did, and in that period I started to be a Helper, I don't remember you did something. Henk is a complicate person but I believe in his justice criteria. If the decision were up to me, I will give you the unban only because I don't remember anything about what you did, but that's the problem, I will give you the unban in the ignorance, and don't taking care about some important things. 

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