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Refund Request

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nick: Flander7w7 

Server: Assassins craft

Item name + ID: all my money, all my inv, all my ender chest inv and Tomahawk, ares shield, speed clock, fans's sword, my bow good, shadow armor (leggings, boots, chestplate) 42 golden apple, elytra with irrompibility 3, other sword of diamond op, and all my money and all my enderchest inv 

Time & Date: Tuesday 20 July at 11:15 (time in Spain) 

Description of issue: I lost all my items when some mod have me password reset

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Hi, I saw your post in the forum and I did the reset. You should read that this can happen so, it's not a surprise. PM on discord for the items refound. N3co_#1595

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