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  1. The setup managed to generate full 4 mana pools in ~10 hours of my playtime. Hovewer, i have much better setup - double 12 gourmallyis (propably killed pronunciation) and it generates 1 mana pool in about 2 minutes from cow steaks (3x octadic cow spawner blown to lava by openblock fans and steaks picked with hoppers). If some1 needs help making efficient and moderately lag resilient mana setup contact me on server.
  2. I have Project Red timer that is set to 6 minutes. 45 for consuming, 5 minutes for cooldown, and 15 sec as margin of error.
  3. I have automated setup that generates Mana. I tried it on singleplayer and it worked flawlessly. On the server hovewer, sometimes Thermalilies eat the mana and go straight to cooldown period for some reason. Only in rare occurences they shoot out occasional burst of mana. Yes, they were cooled beforehand. Yes, they are empty of mana and are connected to gaia mana spreaders. I do not have any ideas on why this happens. Might be the server TPS. Anybody? EDIT: One time it almost fully worked. This one leds me even more to think it is bad TPS that is causing this.
  4. I guess it would so, but its the elemental fire i am after. Water + Elemental Fire Ordo = Cake. Cake + Kekirumus = Infinite Mana (or whole server turned to sand). NVM, when i will need to progress further in TTkami, i will look into this solution.
  5. When i try to unlock the Elemental Fire research from Thaumic Tinkerer i am disconnected from the server with some nasty error message. I do not have screens of it. I guess those fires might be banned because their immense griefing potential. If it is so, please let me know. Thanks
  6. Account Name: twoxu Server: DW 1.7.10 Item Name: Terra Shatterer A Rank (Botania) Description: Already 3 of my terra shatterers vanished while charging with Mana. I guess the server removes items every now and then. This is very frustrating because i already burned thru ALOT of mana. I never made it past halfway to rank A, but as i did it 3 times, i think i should be given rank A terra shatterer. I attach proof in form of screenshots.