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  1. Your Name: xMichaeltngCoordinates: Had no time to check was in the middle of the water fighting a sea serpentTime/Date July 2 1:03 PMDescription of Issue: So i was fighting a sea serpent then i died and my stuff with curse of possession and it did not give me the stuff back to me Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: xMichaeltng Coordiantes: Don't know didn't check before death.Time/Date June 30 10:45 Description of Issue: When i left the game i had to do something for a long time then when i went back on the server i had died to something that 1 tap me for no reason.Screenshots (Optional): Didn't get one didn't get one after my death.
  3. I lost them for not reason when i went out of the game then afk 1 fairy ring quality undying 1 dwarves ring quality healthy 1 purple tide chestplate with adv mending adv thorns 3 prot 4 unbreaking 3 1 purple tide helment adv mending adv thorns 3 prot 4 unbreaking 3 1 purple tide boots adv mending burning thorns 3 prot 4 unbreaking 3 underwater depth strider 2 1 sapphire ice dragon female dragon day 77 with full diamond armor 1 blue ice dragon male dragon day 0 1 green fire dragon female day 0 1 bronze fire dragon male day 0 64 and 15 dragon meals 1 set of dragon diamond armor fire halberd enchants mending purging 4 unbreaking 3 flinging 2 lifesteal 4 true strike 1 dragon eye quality undying 1 stone of the sea quality healthy 1 spiked vitamin quality healthy 1 speed vitamin quality healthy 1 balloon quality healthy 1 diamond shield 1 fortune major enchant fortune 3 efficenciy 5 smelter 1 crafting equipment Wendigo antlers lvl 1 Warg Skull lvl 1 geanach spear lvl 3 1 ender rod 1 regeneration ring quality healthy 1 resistence ring quality healthy 1 Dragon Command staff
  4. 1 T4 Male Blue Ice Dragon Full diamond glitch while flying above a tree and it vanish
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