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  1. Dear Staff Team, The Item Frame for the BioFuel Bucket is missing. Sincerely Luraya
  2. The grave is beyond the island.

    We got all Items back. Thanks for your help @brunyman . Sincerely Luraya
  3. Minivw died and the grave spawned beyond the island. The Island owner is M0nchii. The Grave co-ordinates are x : 5701 y : 1 z : 13549 Sincerely Luraya
  4. [Status: Closed] SkyFactory Helper Recruitment

    Accepted Personal Information: Name: Sarah Minecraft Username: Luraya Age: 24 Languages you speak: German,English Country + Time Zone: Germany + GMT 1 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Discord Name and ID*: Luraya#2906 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: 4+ hours Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes Have you ever been banned?: No A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I have a calm mind and kindness A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): Shy What can you offer us if you were chosen?: I try to help if I can and always friendly chat What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: None at the moment On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the SkyFactory Modpack?: I played a lot minecraft modpacks, especially Skyfacory. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?:Yes Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: I ask both for their positions separatly and try to find a solution or ask an another Staffmember. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: I talk with him/her. If the person broke a rule I report it and if I'm origin of the problem I try to find a good way to solve it. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): I take a Screenshot of the players and inventories (victim and accused). Talk to the players to find a solution with words. If there is no room for them I ask for advice from the other Staffmembers.