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  1. Refunded No upgrades added to power armor, as none were specified. Please use item refund template for this is not a rollback
  2. Placed Mining well in your inventory
  3. New Gallery Courtesy of @Swimsam777
  4. There you are. These typically do not do well going through the market. Drums of liquid and mystcraft pages are similar in this way. Enjoy your spiders T/C
  5. i've not experienced this either. for others i'd guess particle effects and/or animations but knowing your setup i highly doubt this is the case
  6. Check your inventory when you login next. You'll have to configure the upgrades i installed on power armor using a tinkers table. Also i installed the "wireless receiver thingy" on your powerfist. If you prefer it to be separate, just remove it using the aforementioned tinkers table. If all is good, please let me know and i'll close this and your rollback request Thanks, Bel
  7. Password reset, you'll have to /register when you login again Duplicate post i'll close the other after you've logged it t/c
  8. Added to first post! Been crazy busy this last month and a half, thanks for the new content @supaspork Your build looks amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing
  9. For copying purposes a page goes in one of the grey boxes if there is not a notebook present. otherwise there really is no where for that page to exist if dropped in the black area as shown if a notebook is in one of those grey boxes and it is selected then the page can be dropped into the black
  10. belgarufo

    My Soundcloud

    Material is a bit old now, but i thought i'd share https://soundcloud.com/jeffrey-madsen-1/albums
  11. Piano, all low brass very proficiently, percussion and guitar moderately proficient Music Ed major, had to learn strings and woodwinds too in case i were to ever teach them. Which i don't
  12. Password Reset, please /register again note it will prompt you to repeat your password on first run...
  13. @xxDragonJCxx 's suggestion is the only that has worked for me on the server
  14. Craftersland Direwolf20 1.7.10 Screenshots galleries DW20 1.7.10 Dec-Jan 2017/18 (40 Images) DW20 1.7.10 Nov 2017 (47 Images)
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