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  1. Hi @GreeeeeeeeneLeader you can still join the server, once the wipe is done brunyman or administrators will announce it once more on forum.
  2. No worries @Markirius the wipe will be soon to be done. At the mean time you can try something out before the wipe so that you have a roughly idea what to start with next. For me that's what I do before a wipe
  3. Dcwy62

    Refined Storage - missing storage disk

    Hey @Raduq99, refined storage is bugged on our server "direwolf20" which players may be experiencing missing of drives. We preferred you to use Applied Energistics system instead of refined storage, sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Hey, @JerothG since administrators have no longer rollback backups available. You can only request item refund in this case, we are truly sorry.
  5. Dcwy62

    [Complaint] Response times

    As geri33 said, since yusixs an administrator whom does the rollbacks all the time had retired. And since there are only two administrators does rollbacks, that left only brunyman to settle it. We are truly sorry for the delay and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
  6. Hey, I'm really sorry @JerothG. The rollback may be delayed due to administrators are busy. I'll contact them for you and get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. Hey @JerothG, I'm sorry that you've waited quite long already since one of our administrators are unavailable right now. You've to wait for burnyman to do the rollback, the rollback mostly will be done on monday and firday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Inventory rollback completed, checked with player in-game but player still need item refunded.
  9. Dcwy62

    [Claim Removal]*AvalonClockHart*

    claim deleted successful, player confirmed it. T/C
  10. Dcwy62

    Rollback request

    Player no longer need refund. T/C
  11. Dcwy62

    [Command Request] Dcwy62

    Tyvm, yusixs ❤️ T/C
  12. Account Name: Dcwy62Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: WorldEditReason for Request*: It's going take a long time for me to build something up I want to speed up the process by having the world edit commands. Thanks, Dcwy62
  13. Excellent rollback and confirmed with player in game. T/C
  14. Thanks yusixs 😛 T/C
  15. Player made a mistake, the coordinates of his base is Coordiantes: 2228, 3, -1509

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