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  1. Dcwy62

    Can't log back on

    Issues have been solved. T/C
  2. Dcwy62

    Stuck on "Loggin in"

    Already sent you to spawn, see if it works.
  3. Hello @BetaLazer, refined storage is kind of bugged on dw1.12 server, when the server restarts the disk within the storage disappear. It is preferred that you use applied energetic to be your storage unit. If you could recall any specific items within your disk, I would gladly refund it back to you. If not, no worries, you can edit your post with the template here and just wait for a few days. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. First of all I'm sorry, because since your friend made an another rollback request, I do think that what I wrote in there applied to you too so I didn't response to this. If you can recall any item for refund within your refined storage, I'll gladly return it to you and sorry for the inconvenience. P/S: Please use AE2 rather than refined storage because refined storage is bugged on our dw1.12 server, hope you understand.
  5. Dcwy62

    Claim Rollback Request

    Hello @Luloush6 refined storage is bugged on DW1.12 server, we prefer you to start off with AE2. If you can list down whatever you have inside your refined storage, I can refund you those items. A refund is mostly faster than a rollback so if it's possible for you to remember, you can list it down here or if it's not possible then my apologize you've to wait for the rollback to be apply.
  6. Dcwy62


    Can you provide more evidence? The nether portal in your claim was claimed by tyriel and no sign of griefing intention.
  7. Dcwy62

    claim lost ?

    Alright, good to hear that. T/C
  8. Dcwy62

    Izzyapink [Refund Request]

    Hello @izzyapink, items have been refunded in chest inside your claim and replaced the reinforced machine casing for you. If there is any missing items, feel free to pm me. T/C
  9. Dcwy62

    Cant't login [direwolf20 1.12]

    Player confirmed login successful. If there is any further issue please don't hesitate to contact me or other dw20 1.12 staff members. T/C
  10. Dcwy62

    Inventory roll back

    Hello @HeeroYuy5001, are you able to remember what you have lost? If so, it would be more quicker and easy for me to refund you the items rather than waiting for inventory refund.
  11. Dcwy62

    Astral Sorcery Issues - Direwolf20 1.12.2

    I will check it out soon.
  12. Dcwy62

    [Duplicate] EnderIO spawner work problem/

    Hello this is for dw1.12 which can be found here, I think player made a wrong post in tekkit.
  13. Dcwy62

    Waffle The Pancake (Nostalgic)

    Looks absolutely beautiful, great effort and dedication that you and your friends have put into it. Great job !

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