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  1. KimIlSung64 was also using the keys. https://prnt.sc/mgzcaa https://prnt.sc/mgzc3i
  2. n-Game Nickname: Solo, Knuckles3530 Time and date: 2/5/19 9:15 AM CST Description of what happened: Duping of keys (quite obviously) Screenshots or Proof: https://prnt.sc/mgz5ki https://prnt.sc/mgz59i https://prnt.sc/mgz4vq https://prnt.sc/mgz6nt List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)
  3. Your Name: ZeeDerpMasterCoordinates: where i logged outTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Everything was fine at 9 PM CSTDescription of Issue: i made a bugged item, i just need my inv cleared.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Okay, i dont guess you understand what rule 7 is, so ill say it slower this time. "No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs:". you see that word? Excessive. 1 sentence isnt excessive.
  5. In-Game Nickname: MeanManSlayer Time and date:2:15 CST October 12th, 2018 Description of what happened: Someone said that the town "The_Wall" was deleted. I said "yall rarted", and this got me a 15minute mute. This makes zero sense. All and good, except for 1, i never get a formal warning, using /warn. 2, it wasnt excessive, 3. it makes zero sense. Screenshots or Proof: http://prntscr.com/l5ezvp List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)
  6. Dude. How can you be THIS dense. You must new to the internet, because you cant turn a corner without "kys" being said. If TIK cant handle simple banter, then maybe its best if they leave. You guys are acting like defenseless children. Dont like what we do? Do something about it. Im tired of yall saying we are "bullying" you. There is a clan system, there is a need for competition, this is how tekkit has worked, even before clans. Tekkit has always been a war zone, thats why people love it, and why years after its release we still get a consistent playerbase. Crying to the admins isnt going to get you anything, maybe if we were on skyfactory itd be different, but what youre complaining about is literally what tekkit is: Its brash, its in your face, and most of all, ITS FUN.
  7. Account Name: ZeeDerpMasterRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: essentials.speed.fly, essentials.speed.walkReason for Request*: I would like to go fast. I dont think theres much else to say but that.
  8. Rank: SponsorRequested Commands: Worldedit (not sure of the nodes, my bad)Reason for Request: Worldedit became an integral part of my building techniques, and seeing as i no longer have it, i would appreciate it if i could possibly acquiesce it. Thanks, Zee
  9. Account Name: ZeeDerpMaster Town name: / Character name : TekkiterZ Coordinates: -2,416, 64, 3557 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 15/5-2017 8:00 CDT Description of Issue: SO. Worldedit is broken, so i set some stuff as a lamp, and it broke. @brunyman
  10. Holy mother of server branching integration magic. This is amazing!
  11. A brawling arena would be amazing, maybe something like SF, but bigger, and more organized, still a good idea though! Hope it happens.
  12. I shouldnt have that much, i should have 0, there was a situation where a mass refund was needed, so i just gave myself enough so i could divvy it out, good job though lol
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