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  1. Clan: POG Owner: Winterfox211 Reason: They havent been on for 185 days and I would like to own that clan tag
  2. Can someone move this to General discussion?
  3. I have no idea where to post this so Ill post it here. Please fix the grammar,capitalization,font size and color on the website. I probably missed something but you get the point. Example down below is from Skyfactory Sponsor rank. That is not the only place with those errors. I am sick and can not be bothered to get more examples.
  4. Your Name: Magical_CowwItem Name + ID + Amount: JEI doesnt show IDs 😕 Glitch Infused Helmet x1 Glitch Infused Chestplate x1 Glitch Infused Leggings x1 Glitch Infused Greaves x1 Glitch Infused Sword x1 Cobalt Mattock x1 Cobalt Cleaver with sharpest modifier x1 Cobalt Pickaxe x1 Cobalt Hammer with diamond modifier x1 Watering can x1 Dominos Special x12 Iron Paxel x1 garden scythe x1 Coordinates: I have death waypoints off 😕Description of Issue: I went to the end to mine some resodant end ore. I noticed that the main island is gone so I entered one of the portals. I flew around and found the ore I was looking for and then decided to go home and add some lapis to my hammer so I would get more of the ore, so I did /home and then I got a message saying that my home couldn't be loaded or something like that and then it spawned me in the void and then I lost all of my stuffScreenshots (Optional):
  5. Mike is now a big man judge. This can be closed
  6. Mikewerf_has been a helper for the longest time now. He deserves the judge position (or even higher tbh ) as he is the only active staff member on tekkit. Not gonna type an essay since its not really needed.
  7. This can be closed now, I got the money
  8. I made 3 reviews 5 or so days ago and I am yet to receive the money
  9. In-Game Nickname: luc_123456 Your username (Optional):Magical_CowwTime and Date: 10-11.10 Description of what happened: So on the 10th people were talking about guns and then luc starts talking about how in norway they cant have guns for "fun" and then he said something not so nice. Then on the 11th he said "heil hitler" out of nowhere Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Sn7uofS List of eyewitnesses: karpouzas12,ghostpast,Jesus and some others, cant remember who
  10. Oh thats true xd Isnt there a way to have a authentication system? Phone or whatnot
  11. Howdy do. I was thinking that it would be neat if there was something called "Clear inventory" in the store that would clear a corrupted inventory if you don't want to wait for a rollback since those can take a while.
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