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  1. Player has been successfully refunded Topic closed
  2. Item has been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
  3. Sadly, we can't refund you the exact librarian you had. Because this post was made before some rollbacks have already been done, I suggest that you make a new topic using the Claim Rollback Request template (if you wish to have the librarian), because I'm closing this due to being outdated. Topic closed
  4. Sorry, we don't have photographic evidence from which we can prove you were truly killed in your claim. In the future, please do take screenshots so it can be easier for us to carry out the punishment.
  5. Items have been refunded to the player Topic closed
  6. https://discord.gg/hyucMT Here you go!
  7. By buying the rank on the official CraftersLand Buycraft page. https://craftersland.buycraft.net/
  8. Items have been refunded to the player Topic closed
  9. Items have been refunded to players' inventory Topic closed
  10. Due to bug abusing from the player, for now, any further request is denied. Topic closed
  11. Fairy ring has been refunded to the player Topic closed
  12. Mister/Herr MadSpring, I'm more than amazed with your font and the combination of spaces in your text. First of all, you didn't use this obligatory template (which gives me permission to lock this topic, but I'll continue as is). Secondly, I'm always happy to receive correct evidence with which we can then use to warn/kick/mute/ban the player who is being talked about. But, that doesn't mean that the Melon clan and their members can enjoy the fact that they are and always will be clean, because if I look into everyone's past individually (starting from you), you would easily lose that credibility. You've been heavily under the influence of your clan leader which has now retired, FavorableNick, who had access to /gmc, and you were really enjoying it. I'm not saying that some of your bases/items have been made under creative influence, but having a close friend who has access to /gmc really gives you an massive advantage. You can look at it like this: the input is a sword that has been made with creatively influenced enchants, and everything that is an output is creatively influenced. Thirdly, I've wanted to speak with Trapped_Soul himself, maybe I did overreact a bit when I found out that the shulker box he had been selling on the /market has been the subject of duping. And about the sword that has been ''accidently'' tagged by FavorableNick, I'm not interested in any justification. That sword should have never been put into circulation and that sword can't ever be used in PvP. Also, your attitude is very immature. Using creative items won't result in an immediate ban, but only a warning. But that doesn't have to worry you that much, it has to worry the person that has given the creative influenced items. I think I've been clear through this response, but any further replies are always welcome. P.S. The fact that you screenshot our personal conversation is pleasing me.
  13. Complaint is denied. Topic closed
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