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  1. Items refunded to player's inventory Topic closed
  2. Hi robobad, if you want your dragon eggs refunded, please use the following template. We already have reports on the bug and the managers are looking into it. Topic closed
  3. Hi MRTNTPlayz, please use the following following template and create it in Technical support.
  4. Hello, could you please use the following template so we can refund you? Much appreciated!
  5. Hi devilveller, are you using the CraftersLand launcher or some other one?
  6. Hi Tyuyu, Are you still getting concussion smashers directly from the Legendary crate?
  7. Player has confirmed the issue is solved Topic closed.
  8. User has made another post in the correct category. Topic closed
  9. To be honest, it's not really the server's problem nor responsibility because you had a full inventory at the time you clicked ''Return all items''. Also, you have to have in mind that the listings are removed after 7 days they have been listed. So next time be more careful. P.S. If someone really wants to see the market, he'll just keep clicking ''Next page''.
  10. Hello, please use the correct template I left as an attachment. Topic closed
  11. Players have been warned according to the rules. Topic closed
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