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  1. Duplicate post (original one already posted in the correct section in RLC Technical Support) Topic closed
  2. Duplicate post Topic will be closed once moved to correct section
  3. Items have been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
  4. I can't seem to find you under the nickname "PandaMeow" on the server. Could you re-join?
  5. Items have been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
  6. I've placed 1 dragon egg, diamond armor set and 2 stacks of dragon meals. Topic closed
  7. Cataclysm_cat, please contact me on discord PapaMaoDONG#7018 so I can refund you these items, as this list can't entirely fit in your inventory.
  8. I've placed 2 gorgon heads, 2 stacks of dragon meal and a dragon egg so you can do the hatching yourself. Topic closed
  9. If you can remember the foods, please list them below and I'll manually refund them to you.
  10. Suggestion accepted and will be implemented ASAP. Topic closed
  11. Ice dragon statue has been refunded to the player (sadly didn't get him in the sleeping position) Topic closed
  12. Eggs refunded to the player (sadly I can't refund the dragon itself) Topic closed
  13. Sword has been successfully refunded Topic closed
  14. We do not refund items that have been caused by player errors, such like you dying in lava. Topic closed
  15. Can you list the enchants you had? Waiting for a rollback request can take days, but if you rename your post to [Refund Request] I can quickly refund you your rapier.
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