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  1. Why is the disc 11 banned? From what i know the banned items list is empty, or is there another?
  2. The spawn is broken, the end portal doesn't work, there are some randomly placed armor stands by someone, you can attack players but they wont notice you take away their health their screen doesn't flash red but they just die and respawn without dropping anything and it's annoying. Next the lag that appeared these 2 weeks was out of nowhere, people kept losing more items, patience in waiting for the server to respond and increasing amounts of 'whining' about how laggy it is without doing anything nor informing others correctly. (both of these are main big issues that need to be dealt with) With the lag probably comes the "unannounced" ground wipe, the timer doesn't pop up to notify players and it just wipes the loot without warning. This has to be fixed, it's caused a lot of issues players losing items while trading, dropping, dying and other..
  3. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: /Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Dec/12th/2019 10pmDescription of Issue: Again, and again the server doesn't inform players of ground wipes and the lag that appeared from nowhere these days is strange, i lagged out died to an invisible tree and loot disappeared AGAIN...Screenshots (Optional): /
  4. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: (unknown wilderness)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Dec/18th/2019 3:00pm.Description of Issue: Got lagged back into a fight i ran away from and died from a bunch of wither skeletons and aimbotters (skeletons), i tried to regear myself and come back but i ended up dying and losing some basic iron armor which wasn't needed but before that i owned some dragonbone armor and items in my inventory and they all despawned before i could kill the mobs in time.Screenshots (Optional): /
  5. Cancel the request and lock the thread please i've changed my mind i'll repair the damage done.
  6. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: /Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Dec/5th/2019 10:40Description of Issue: I was fighting a blight (strong mob it can be a zombie/skeleton to anything) and every time you hit it sometimes it deals dmg back TRUE DMG* ( ignores armor ), it penetrated through my armor and instantly killed me, after that i came back killed it, then as i was picking up my items around 20-30 seconds from being killed i picked up almost a quarter of my items the server wiped the dropped loot and it was gone. The server doesn't display any messages about wipes happening in the next minutes or so on.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Nothing that i can notice anyways everything is fine. Thanks.
  8. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: /Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): It was fine all at around Dec/4th/2019 6:45pm, after is just bad charms.Description of Issue: A player threw a transforming potion (without intending any harm he did this as a prank) that was supposedly gonna turn me into a pixie and let me rejoin but the effect is still active and it's breaking my game i can't reconnect (nor use chatcraft for unknown reasons), if it'd be possible to just have my characters effects cleared by someone with effect access it'd be nice.Screenshots (Optional): /
  9. MMD

    EPIC Games giveaway

    As title says there's free games on the Epic Games client.. I'll try to keep track of the games they giveaway and post them either with edit or just post them below(you can do it below if you want). I won't be posting any links. And yeah these giveaways are pretty legit i got my account stacked with some nice games and they are kinda high priced aswell! They keep giving and giving every 1 or 2 weeks they change the game. ( mostly dead games tho ) 8/17/2019 - Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Hyper Light Drifter
  10. This goes to Continuum > Technical Support !
  11. MMD

    Secret Room!

    This is a mystery ? pretty spooky actually. Also is this posted in the right spot dunno?. Feels like a general thing y know?
  12. Your Name: MMD Coordiantes: x796 y63 z4377Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) 25th/02/2019Description of Issue: JKL removed all of my storage instead of listed items i told him to remove. This all lead into a temporary ban that got removed by EPIC.Screenshots (Optional):
  13. We need more items in the shop. Since we have some of the spawn eggs how about we add all the other ones except the END Hostile mobs ( Shulker , Endermite , Enderman ).
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