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  1. This goes to Continuum > Technical Support !
  2. MMD

    Secret Room!

    This is a mystery 🤔 pretty spooky actually. Also is this posted in the right spot dunno?. Feels like a general thing y know?
  3. Your Name: MMD Coordiantes: x796 y63 z4377Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) 25th/02/2019Description of Issue: JKL removed all of my storage instead of listed items i told him to remove. This all lead into a temporary ban that got removed by EPIC.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. We need more items in the shop. Since we have some of the spawn eggs how about we add all the other ones except the END Hostile mobs ( Shulker , Endermite , Enderman ).
  5. True. I was thinking of having an exception of what blocks can be used to build as a whitelist. Perhaps it's not such a good idea as well i just thought it'd be interesting to buy a nice claim then re sell it or use it.
  6. Your Name: MMDItem Name + Amount: Ender EggCoordinates (format x, y, z): ----Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: ----Description of Issue: I just killed the ender dragon and accidentally hit it and it teleported into the END Portal and while trying to break it, it said it's in xRegencys claimed territory.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Corrupted chunk i'd assume, it's caused by Immersive Engineering in xRegency's base. Coords are x 4 z-6 next to spawn.
  8. I personally think creative users should be able to sell their creative made buildings without machinery, just blocks, whatever they're made of. No machines. I keep flying through unused creative buildings that either get removed or just remain unused, i would love to purchase a building unfurnished ( empty ). I know people can build their own using schematica or their imagination but sometimes people want to progress or aren't really good at building and some can't afford the time to make it or afford the blocks.
  9. MMD

    Clan Home

    Apperantly clan home gets removed everytime you close the client. I tried with disconnecting seems like it keeps the clan home yet to try it with closing the client. Perhaps it was bugged and removed from the crash that happend a few while*
  10. Can we turn off actually additions book since it keeps giving you it every time you craft anything that is made from the mod? I have at least 20+ books from the mod. We could have it set to a kit or put up a free tutorial book in the spawn for everyone, just like a shop 0$ on each book?
  11. MMD


    I have't seen if they have been reduced to 1, but last time i checked i had 2. 3 indlucing clan home and 4 including claim spawn. ( And my VIP Rank on the Forums isn't ingame )
  12. Your Name: MMDItems lost: ( the numbers are just counting them down they are not an amount of how much i've lost ) Wings of the Bats Diamond Axe Flux-Infused Hammer ( Enchanted : Unbreaking III , Smashing , Efficiency V , Holding IV , Fortune III ) atleast i think the enchantments were that Crescent Hammer Sleeping Bag Scooporator MX200 Turbo Diamond boots ( enchanted : Mending , Feather Falling IV , Unbreaking III , Protection IV ) Tinkers Construct Pickaxe Tool Rod - Wooden ( Ecological ) Pickaxe Head - Manulynn ( Insatiable ) Binding - Ardite ( Petramor ) Location you died ( coordinates ) : x1965 z-2343 y148 Coordinates of where to put the recovered items : x803 y64 z4378Description of Issue: I was flying around found a unclaimed creative base empty though* i hit creative spikes instantly died and tried to find my grave with Harry with no luck we even had dug around we couldn't find anything. I lost a few items including 2 bags full of rare and hard bees to get but i don't mind the loss of bees.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/FQOA7AX - This screenshot is old but it has my latest used items in the hotbar i don't mind about the bag and the food. https://imgur.com/a/jq3z1U1 - Pickaxe i named Silk had it screenshoted incase it happend again
  13. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: x1965 z-2343 y148Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 10/2/2019 20:00pm (8pm) GMT+1Description of Issue: Found a creative built base i assume since it had creative spikes it was unclaimed created by truteno, i thought they were painted spikes and i flew straight into them they insta killed me and removed my grave, couldn't find it i tried it again and couldn't find it again.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/Niynynj
  14. I dunno if it's the glass cables. I've seen them work before, cryotheum ducts with glass cables but never had this kind of issue happen.
  15. People always put up stuff for sale. I remember doing /um and seeing resource blocks sold for cheap. If you want a different price you can just ask him to make a deal with you. ( change the price )
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