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  1. I will refund you as soon as we are on together, Until then Enjoy the server!
  2. @Immaeatyoaz Hey! Let me know how it goes, i will help troubleshoot as much as I can.
  3. Sometimes the /t will bug out try tying the full name in the new chunk. = /town claim
  4. @Immaeatyoaz I understand your concern, But it needs to be next to a ALREADY CLAIMED chunk of land. That error only occurs when not next to claimed chunks. (try pressing f11 or f9, which brings up individual chunks.) I no for a fact staff do not refund mistakes, but If I have the time ill make sure to refund you myself either today or tomorrow, If that is acceptable by you. The problem is To most players you are referring to small change(under 1000$) I recommend Voting or buying your Free daily reward, which gives you money and vote keys. Again very sorry, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Hello! @Immaeatyoaz The claim system works in a few different ways, Because it works in chunks, the new land to be claimed needs to be next to an already claimed chunk. It also needs to not be close to another claim in which you would be prompted the error "too close to another town". I recommend claiming land before establishing and building to save time and money. For any further questions I recommend you consult this helpful mytown Guide.
  6. They are all my 2 alts, I just got sponsor, and Should have gotten even more claim blocks but instead lost claims
  7. @Infernal I didnt ask for a player response, also you seem to be forgetting the fact that: While you may be able to justify it, It still breaks server integrity.
  8. I lost around 100 my town claim blocks and I have not clue why I own 840 out of 740 total
  9. Jesus... ya I have a lack of respect XD
  10. @TheFunMusician this isn’t about me! I wasn’t treating him with a lack of respect, also ya? This is about the market not me. I also didn’t sell to just everyone.
  11. @Infernal You have no facts. You are just making claims based on what you and you alone say.
  12. I have noticed recently that a few of my fellow advanced players are being very frivolous on the market, trying to undercut each others prices by selling expensive material for ground breaking prices. for example 64 blocks of any ore will go from 1-33$ cheapest on the market. I talked to a new player yesterday who had obtained 12k endirum for less than $800 by using the market! I also have seen multiple people quit due to them reaching the endgame in a so short of time, and the fact that no one can sell anything with the same people literally owning the market. If your relevant in history of the US, I would compare this to J.P. Morgan, Rockafeller, and Andrew Carnagie, the men who controlled all industry in the early 20th century. I talked to some of the people selling and I got very kind responses from some. But all of them say they wont stop because the others will undercut them, and other saud they just enjoy breaking the game(I wont say any names, but im sure these people know who they are. I have seen multiple people leave the server because if it being so easy to obtain such rare items strait away, which takes all the fun out of the game we love so much. I understand that there is a desire to /baltop, but it does not take a blind man to see how the obviously breaks the server integrity. My suggestion is there should be a limit on how low you can sell the certain items for, due to the fact that just by registering and getting your free 100$ you can buy loads and loads of ore. and already be at end game state. Sorry for any spelling errors I was very rushed.
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