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  1. I apologize severely, my intention was never to waste time I simply used the coords from my last rollback, which they never said anything about wrong coords. Here are the exact coords @ManYouForgot ^
  2. Your Name: Swimsam1 Town Name: SaberCorporation Coordinates: -ONLY ROLLBACK THESE CHUNKS (-5187 -5016)(-5194, -5010) (-5189, -5004) (-5180, -5010)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Sunday at 3:30pmDescription of Issue: My clan is being harassed added by car and solong4fish. 2 other bases were attacked in my clan. The clan disbanded. Screenshots (Optional): if u need it plz pm on discord
  3. @GravityCube my account info and some of the other peoples was targeted last night I changed my password to something very strong but still they got in with ease
  4. Your Name: Swimsam1 Town Name: SaberCorporation Coordinates: -5569 -5140Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Friday at 2:00-2:30 pmDescription of Issue: qcraft corrupted chunks cause it’s stupidScreenshots (Optional):
  5. I know this is probably a long shot but I was wondering if you happen to have any of the old tekkit maps since 2017. It would mean allot to reminisce over old memories and stuff. No one seems to have the downloads so I thought it would not hurt to ask. @brunyman
  6. I support this. Computer craft is an essential mod for this pack. I am so confused to why none of us can access our programs
  7. Don’t be so rude my guy. Thx Bruny!!
  8. @Kaszanka_1234 I’m just going off what I’ve been told but you may very well know better than me so?
  9. Tekkit first XD edit) that was a joke btw just a quick wipes are not really a request they happened when the owner decides it’s been time or whatever factors he looks at. The best thing to do is be patient @Cookapphys
  10. ive chosen time just wait out my ban and if a staff member could close this topic that would be swell
  11. Swimsam1


    I got a random message saying that I was banned for a day for duping? i wasn’t duping I was actually playing with my gf for about 30 minutes and I got randomly banned. So why was I banned?
  12. By “workers” you mean our VOLUNTEER staff then no. You see the plugin does not track where all the specific towns are. It would be impossible for the staff to eliminate all of these afk towns. Don’t think of the staff as worker but view them as moderators and helpers. They give up allot of time to be here.
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