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  1. Warning: This reply is not harassment or something else... This is what I see from my side. Chefbutter, don't get me wrong, but I think you wasted your time to make this post, as you said, its not first time when here are complaints about mike, I personally also created one. The issue is that nothing will be done about him, for him it works as when he got harassed, he punishes straight away, when someone else got harassed, he don't care and is doing nothing. (Explained this in my topic where I was complaining about mikewerf). I made complain about him on 22th of June, and even today (1t
  2. Your Name: YourFavDev Town Name: PowerCoordinates: +5252 +6850Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 24th of June, 1:00 am (GTM +2)Description of Issue: My town was griefed, all ME storage was broken.
  3. Inappropriate punishment Hello dear staff members and everyone else who is reading this. Pre-story Couple days ago I was punished by warning + god mode removal for "PvP Scamming" from staff opinion, (Aka Self protection in my opinion). I was being attacked while having god mode on, then turning it off so I could be able to also do damage and possibly kill players after they do damage to me, staff (mikewerf and EPICfighters) found it as rule violation... Day before I was told by mike that what I was doing is rule violation, soo I stopped immediately and didn't do it again. The
  4. Hello everyone, hope you doing great today. Small story This night, I had situation with 3 players that were begging me to add them in discord and 1 even asking me to add him in snapchat, told them 2 or 3 times that I won't add random people to my discord, but they kept begging. Main idea The main idea is that staff could create additional rule that prohibits players to beg for other players private info and ask them to add them somewhere they don't want, Example: If player A asks player B to add him to somewhere as discord for example, and if player B refuses to do so
  5. I am curious what will happen if you will not receive proof in 24 hours.
  6. Your Name: YourFavDev Town Name: PowerCoordinates: x: +5263 z: +6859Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 26/4/2020 14:30 (GTM +3)Description of Issue: Probably some small people that already breached into my account multiple times thought it is probably good idea to grief my place.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/lYel1ichttps://imgur.com/lYel1ichttps://imgur.com/lYel1ichttps://imgur.com/lYel1ic
  7. Hey guys, I hope you are doing well. Regarding to last incidents of account breaching, I was thinking on best way to protect accounts, and I came with idea of 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). What does it mean? When person is entering server, besides entering his login password, he will gonna have enter unical on time use authentication code that he could receive by email or any other way. How its could work? When person enter in server, he needs to enter his password to login, and besides that, after entering password, player will need to enter unical authentication co
  8. World edit comes with /butcher command, was told so by staff member.
  9. Account Name: YourFavDev Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: Worldedit Reason for Request*: For last days cause of hackers I was victim of dogs being spawned near me, and when I am in my town working on something, it is very annoying and difficult to concentrate on what I am doing, I don't want to bother staff all the time about that issue, and with sword it takes long time to kill them all, so I would like to have that command till issue with hackers will be solved. In additional with staff permission, if someone from players will be experiencing same problem while no staff is on, I cou
  10. I understand what you mean, like I said it could be temporary solution till issue with those people that in this period of time are trying to harm server will be fixed. I understand that it can be issue for new players, but I think that they may understand that this solution is to avoid harm for server so people could play there safely and have fun without being interrupted with server crash and spawning animals. I think it is better then having new players coming, seeing all this and then leaving, cause I already saw couple new players asking is it all the time like that. It is
  11. It does not have to be for all the time, at least temporary for this period of time, when those people that are crashing server and spawning animals all around map won't get inside server with alt in same minute as they getting banned. About whitelisting, If I am not wrong (Please fix me if I am wrong, I am not 100% sure about this), then whitelist player list is saved in different file, soo when maintenance is going on they can switch up files with staff only whitelisted. I know this is not the best idea and have some flaws, and this will not stop/prevent those hackers that are right n
  12. Hello everyone, I think all of you that are playing CL tekkit server are aware of issue with hackers, soo I want to give my idea about the solution for alts. (No need to change server to premium). Main idea The main idea is to make server playable only for verified on forum players. What does it mean? It means that players would need to create form on forum if they want to start playing server, and an staff member will gonna need to add that player to whitelist. How it works? Let's imagine CarlLS found CL server, he tries to join and is not able to cause it is saying that h
  13. Account Name: YourFavDev Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /god Reason for Request*: I am peaceful player, and when I am going to someone to give them items I made without using creative, I am going into creative mode soo they wont kill me, issue is that sometimes creative mode creatively infuence items that were not spawned by creative mode, soo I would like to use /god to avoid that issue.
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